Hollyoaks Spoiler: What Will Happen Next Week

From now on in a week hollyoaksMercedes faces real charges as Cher tries to cause trouble. Elsewhere, Toby discovers Pete is back, while Scott is fired again by his family.

Here’s a full combo of 12 pivotal turning points coming up.

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1. Goldie takes on Mercedes

Goldie is stunned after she catches Mercedes and Romeo discussing their evening of passion recently. She resists Mercedes and takes steps to come to terms with Sylver, unless Mercy does it without the help of anyone else.

Then Mercedes heads for her first pregnancy scan and discovers that she isn’t expecting a child overall. She reveals the tragic news to Cher and Goldie. Does this mean Goldie will abandon her plan to reveal everything to Sylver? hollyoaks?

2. Cher faces Sylver’s wrath


Cher meets with Sylver, who takes her to a meeting about the likely removal of her birthmark. She decides not to reveal to Sylver that Mercedes is not pregnant.

Finally, after Mercedes turns to booze to adjust to her misery, Sylver finally finds out what’s going on. He scolds Cher and yells at her for not revealing him sooner.

Cher responds by doing something else, while trying to eliminate her own skin pigmentation.

3. Tony and Diane are expanding their family


Diane’s waters break on the level while Tony is gone. The moment Tony returns and has to take Diane to the clinic, she is startled and won’t open the gate.

Diane’s obsessive-compulsive disorder begins to completely affect her behavior. Finally, Tony has to break open the gate and beg her to go to the medical clinic.

Then Tony and Diane invite the appearance of child Eva.

4. Diane begins to worry further

Hollyoaks Spoiler: What Will Happen Next Week 1

Diane has to leave the emergency room after Eva’s appearance. She also encourages Tony not to let anyone else touch the child. Tony trusts Scott about how much Diane is fighting and demands that they can’t leave the clinic until she gets some help.

After that, Diane can’t resist the urge to stress even more when Tony lets Eva be with Scott. Tony finds out if she might be struggling with her psychological well-being in Hollyoaks.

5. Cher is heading for a new low


Cher feels uneasy after attempting to remove her mole. She won’t seek help in the clinic, so Peri helps her by giving her some painkillers she has taken.

Cher takes a step to trust Peri and admits she craves the attention Mercedes gets from Sylver. Peri urges her to make amends.

Despite Cher accepting this gift, it’s a terrible schedule as Mercedes is back in a meaningless way. Mercedes lashes out at Cher, marking her as a “selfish cow” and claiming she just puts up with her because of Sylver.

Cher fights back by taking child Eva to describe Mercedes in Hollyoaks.

6. Mercedes is found at Eva

Hollyoaks Spoiler: What Will Happen Next Week 3

Tony quickly sets out to find Eve as soon as he understands she is absent. Without thinking much about it, he blames Scott, who should be looking after her.

Cher subtly brings Eva close to a dozing Mercedes. Not long after, Peri is stunned to discover Mercedes with Eva in The Dog’s vehicle leave. With the police not far behind, how can Mercedes clear this up from Hollyoaks in the coming week?

7. Scott gets kicked out by Diane


Diane reacts seriously to the Eva situation and tells Tony that she no longer needs Scott to live with them. Tony has to break the terrible news to Scott that he is not welcome at the moment.

Scott agrees to move, but insists that Tony amplifies Diane’s stressful behavior by yielding to her requests.

8. Cher has rebelled against her online media

Hollyoaks Spoiler: What Will Happen Next Week 5

Romeo warns Sylver that Cher continues to fixate on her use of web-based media. He clarifies that Cher has been harming herself since she was stressed about the online comments she received.

Sylver takes on Cher, but takes an extreme strategy and blames her for admiring the dramatization. Romeo also chooses to make a final offer to Cher.

9. Theresa is worried about her family


Theresa worries about the McQueens after Sally is in prison. With John Paul also still in prison, the family finds itself in an emergency.

Theresa visits James and asks for his help, but he demands that they do nothing until the initiation.

10. Toby makes a disturbing revelation

Hollyoaks Spoiler: What Will Happen Next Week 7

Walter tells Toby that one of his parishioners, an ex-con named “Phillip Baker,” has invested time in his teenage girl. Warnings go off for Toby as he clarifies that this is a fake name used by Cleo’s abuser Pete Buchanan.

Because Pete doesn’t have a girl in high school, Toby fears another young lady is in serious danger. Toby promises Walter that he will figure out how to stop Pete.

11. Walter offers Toby some guidance


Walter advises Toby not to inform Cleo about Pete’s return, accepting that she’s lucky she doesn’t know.

Toby must decide if he can help this and continues to think about the best strategy for what to do with Pete.

12. Celeste is thinking of a different profession


Celeste talks to Martine about career choices and thinks about what she might be hired for. James wryly proposes family law, but this gives Celeste an idea.

Celeste begins to see likely jobs here, but doesn’t understand that she doesn’t have the necessary abilities.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 6:30pm on Channel 4, with first showings at 7pm E 4.

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