Homeowners warned over huge outbreak of fish-like bugs that lay 60 eggs a day

Animal control company Rentokil says silverfish outbreaks in households and businesses have increased tremendously, and warns that some of the beetles can quickly become much larger infestations


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Homeowners have been warned of a huge outbreak of fish-like bugs, which can lay up to 60 eggs a day.

Silverfish outbreaks have risen sharply, with pest control company Rentokil receiving large numbers of deployments to affected homes in Dublin.

Homeowners have been urged to keep an eye out for the nocturnal pests that move into the home for warmth and protection during the cold winter months. DublinLive reported.

In Ireland, Dublin took almost half of the total callouts at 46 percent to fix the bugs in October.

Silverfish can lay up to 60 eggs per day, so that a few insects can quickly become a much larger infestation.

Homeowners have been urged to keep an eye out for the nocturnal pests


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Your eggs are usually difficult to find because they are often hidden in tiny cracks or crevices.

Silverfish are known to damage books, photographs, paintings, plaster of paris, and other household items because they feed on both starch and cellulose.

They also eat dead skin and hair from humans.

Home and business owners are most likely to find silverfish in dark, damp, and damp areas such as bathrooms, basements, and attics.

They are nocturnal insects that are usually silver in color, which gives them their distinctive name, although they can also be gray.

Silverfish are about 10-12 mm long with tiny scales and two antennae and have a pointed, tail-like appearance.

A Rentokil spokesman said silverfish are starting to move indoors to escape the cold winter months.

He said, “While silverfish are not dangerous, their appetite for starch and cellulose can make them a major inconvenience, which can result in damaging valuable items by feeding on them.”

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