Honor 50 Pro Plus Makes Lips Pale With Charging Speed

Honor 50 Pro Plus has 100W fast charging. It showed how fast it charges Honor 50 Pro Plus model supports. The company is preparing to outperform its competitors.

Honor, which recently emerged with its split from Huawei and its return to the Google ecosystem, is preparing to introduce its new phones. The Honor 50 series is eagerly awaited, which will see the company rise from the ashes. Three different phones will be introduced in the series, most notably the Honor 50 Pro Plus model attracts attention with its properties.

Honor 50 Pro Plus will charge 100W fast.

Finally, a leak that appeared on Weibo revealed that the Honor 50 Pro Plus model supports 100W fast charging. Since similar class flagship models usually offer speeds like 50-60W, it is possible to say that the phone will have some serious advantage. The user who caused the leak also took a photo of the adapter and shared it with the comment “the adapter comes out of the box”. For example, it has become clear that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will not remove the product from the box, following in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung.

Honor 50 Pro Plus, which is likely to ship with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, will also impress with its performance. With the help of the Kirin processors from Huawei, to which it has been connected for years, the company comes up with a Qualcomm processor model for the first time in a long time. The phone, which hasn’t had a price leak yet, is expected to be cheap enough to earn the title of flagship killer.

Other models of the series named Honor 50 and 50 Pro will have modest features to be relatively affordable. The phones that the company claims to use the Snapdragon 778G, a mid-range processor, will hit the mid-range and will come out with its affordable price.

So what do you think of the company’s new phones? Will it work with phones like the Honor 50 series? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the topic in the comments.

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