Horizon Zero Dawn confirms PS5 backward compatibility

Horizon Zero Dawn confirms PS5 backward compatibility

Guerrilla Games announces that its two video games will be backward compatible on PlayStation 5 with game transfer and 60 FPS in the futuristic shooter.

Both Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone Shadow Fall will be backwards compatible on PS5 with the ability to transfer their PS4 games to Sony’s next generation console thanks to cross save, even with some improvements such as the ability to run at 60 frames per second. achieve in the case of the futuristic FPS. This was announced by Guerrilla Games through its official Twitter account.

Transfer your games in both games

So, PlayStation 4 video games are still being announced that can both play on PlayStation 5 and pass their saved games, in addition to confirming certain visual or performance improvements. So much so that in the case of Killzone Shadow Fall, you can enjoy a higher frame rate, up to 60 FPS, according to the Guerrilla Games reps. In the case of Aloy’s adventure, no visual or performance improvements have been confirmed beyond the ability to transfer the game between both platforms; In that sense, and in the same Twitter thread, there are not a few fans asking for the highly anticipated 60 FPS for Horizon Zero Dawn as well.

So those who have their game saved on PS4 and want to continue with their progress or just want to replay both video games on the new Sony console can do so without any issues. Consider that other PlayStation games such as Ghost or Tsushima have already announced similar measures, with the ability to play the recent Sucker Punch title on PS5 at 60 frames per second.

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