Horrified man finds out daughter and granddaughter died in car crash from TV news

Rolando Busto said he prayed his children were not involved in the accident in Cordoba, Argentina, but received a phone call shortly afterward confirming his worst fears

The car after the accident in which Agustina and Alma died (

Image: Newsflash)

A man found out his daughter and granddaughter were killed in a car accident while watching a TV news item.

Rolando Busto said he prayed his relatives weren’t involved in the accident, but received a phone call shortly afterward confirming his worst fears.

Alma Mia Molina, 12, and Agustina Reynoso, 16, died in a car accident in Cordoba, Argentina on Tuesday.

Rolando’s son Matias Bustos Reynoso, 32, was driving the vehicle and at one point lost control of the car when it drove off a 131-foot cliff.

The two girls sat in the back seats of the car, while driver Antonela’s 29-year-old pregnant sister sat in the passenger seat.

Agustina died in a car accident in Argentina on Tuesday



The two girls, who were buckled up, reportedly died on the scene, while Matias and Antonela are said to be in a stable condition in the hospital.

Local news site TN reports that the group returned from a local hospital where Antonela had had an ultrasound scan three months into her pregnancy.

It is not clear how Mr Reynoso lost control of the Fiat Stylo at kilometer 54 on the E-54 near the city of Cordoba.

The car was reported to have drifted off the road, smashed through the guardrail, and then tumbled down a 40-meter cliff.

Mr Busto, the father of one of the young victims and the grandfather of another, told the local news site El Doce, “I saw the report on the news and started praying it wasn’t my daughters.”

Agustina and Alma sat in the back of the car and were buckled up



He added, “I sent a message to the four phones to see if they got there safely and did not enter. I begged, I begged it wasn’t them.

“Just minutes after seeing the footage, I got a call that confirmed my worst fears – my daughters had both died in the crash.”

Rolando said his son Reynoso lost control of the car because the road was slippery and there was thick fog.

He said, “My son lost control of the car and it crashed into a deep ravine.”

The father and grandfather told Telenoche that the driver was “shocked” knowing that his sister and niece died in the accident.

Rolando said Matias received the heartbreaking news in the hospital “with the help of psychologists and psychiatrists”.

He said, “Fortunately, he’s fine physically but badly emotionally.”

After the incident, the man also confirmed that Antonela’s baby is fine.


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