Horrifying moment 98ft crane is blown over killing two workers as storm rages on

Debris can be seen hurtling through the air in the video, and seconds later the 30-metre crane comes crashing to Earth behind a row of apartments

Strong winds knocked over a crane on a construction site in Krakow

Shocking footage shows the moment a huge tower crane is blown over in high winds, resulting in the tragic deaths of two workers.

The 98ft crane was blown over during the series of storms that have swept through Europe in recent days – including the UK’s storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin.

Debris can be seen hurtling through the air in the video and seconds later the 30-metre-tall crane comes crashing to Earth behind a row of apartments, at the construction site in Krakow, Poland.

Two construction workers are reported to have died in the tragic incident.

Another two were injured, according to reports in local media.

One of the men who died was working on the roof of a nearby building while the other was on the ground.

The 98ft crane was blown over during a storm that saw winds gusting at 40mph in the Polish capital on Thursday February 17



Developer, the Murapol Group, reported that all four people involved in the incident were working for a subcontractor at the site.

The crane, which was working on a five story building, had been taken out of service due to the high winds, the developer said, according to vertical.net .

Murapol Group said in a statement: “On February 17, on the construction site being developed by the Murapol Group in Krakow, the tower crane overturned as a result of a violent gust of wind and accompanying sudden weather phenomena.

“All cranes at Murapol sites across Poland were taken out of service and put into their safe out of service wind mode. Therefore, there was no operator in the cabin of the machine. Unfortunately, four people working for a sub-contractor were injured, one fatally.

“The Murapol Group makes every effort and will provide the emergency services and safety authorities with the necessary information to explain the causes of the situation.

“At the same time, we express our deep sympathy for the family of the person who died as a result of this unfortunate accident.”

Police have reportedly opened an investigation into the incident to determine its cause and ascertain whether safety measures were taken before the storm winds hit.

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