Horror moment lurking crocodile drags drinking dog from river bank to its death

This is the terrifying moment when an ignorant dog drinking water from a river is dragged to its death by a giant crocodile lurking underwater.

The thirsty pooch had wandered to the banks of Chambal India in Rajasthan, India, unaware that the giant animal was swimming beneath the surface.

The unsuspecting animal waded through shallow water and began to drink before the crocodile emerged from the depths and opened its jaws.

The dog whimpers in shock before being pulled underwater by the crocodile, which then presumably drowns and eats its unfortunate prey.

The Rana Pratap Sagar Dam, which contains a number of crocodiles that come to the surface for sunbathing, is just behind where the attack was filmed, reports the Daily star.

The video went viral on YouTube, where viewers shared it. Some said it was the crocodile’s right to eat, others believed the person filming should have tried to save the dog.

One person wrote, “It is not a natural phenomenon, a crocodile eating a dog is natural? How can you say that This is an incident.

“If you save the dog, the crocodile won’t starve to death.”

“What if a human still said it was nature?” wrote one.

Crocodile kills dog

Someone else just said, “It happens.”

“John Wick is coming for that crocodile,” joked someone else, referring to the blockbuster film about a man’s bloodthirsty revenge on his dog.

This comes after a crocodile eats a shark in stunning photos taken in Australia by a stunned witness.

Another dramatic snapshot showed a crocodile committing cannibalism by fighting a smaller rival and then overpowering it and eating it.


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