Hospital Playlist Season 2 : When Netflix is planning to drop it out !!

Led by Shin Won, Ho Hospital Playlist is a licensed original South Korean drama series from Netflix. Lee Woo Jung as the show’s writer. The first season has a total of twelve episodes. And the show is one of the most South Korean drama streaming on Netflix. After the successful season one, everyone is desperately aware of season 2.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date:

The tvN broadcaster is responsible for the extension of the second season. Due to its huge popularity and incredible reviews. It will be back on Netflix in 2021. But so far the exact release date is not available. Meanwhile, the show may be delayed for some time due to global pandemic and lockdown. We can expect announcement after this spread is over.

Season 2 plot expectations:

This Korean drama series is about the life and story of doctors and nurses who work at Yulje’s medical center. There are five doctors in charge who are together from the university. We testify last season that Ik June finally expresses his feelings for Song Has. Even before he hears an answer, he asks Song to take her time. And leaves for a conference in Spain. Therefore, we can expect an uncomfortable or cheerful meeting. Meanwhile, Seok Hyeong has a happy outlook on the future after making the decision to stay in the hospital. Next season will connect the dots from where it left. We can expect relationship blossoms, heartbreak, confusion and much more. It will be a rollercoaster trip.

Season 2 cast and performers:

Old leads will resume their role if everything goes smoothly. Jo-Jung-Suk, YooYeon-Seok, Jung Kyungho, Kim Joon-Wan, Kim Date Myung, Neon Mido and other supporting cast.

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