House abandoned in 1989 goes on sale – with owner's possessions still inside

A home that has been vacant for more than 30 years has been put up for sale – and many of the previous owner’s possessions remain untouched and in place.

The “extremely shabby” Victorian terrace property has been rotting since the owner moved out in 1989 after the death of his wife and has been uninhabited since then.

The three bedroom house in Sydney, Australia has been described as “totally inanimate” and “in dire need of renovation”. However, the pictures inside show a glimpse into the lives of those who lived there more than three decades ago.

Beneath the rotting floorboards and peeling paint is a kitchen with filled shelves, pots on the stove, and papers attached to the refrigerator.

The living room fireplace

In the living room, the mantelpiece appears to have been perfectly preserved, with a vase of artificial flowers next to two dolls and a wobbly forest scene in a frame above.

The garden looks like it was tackled before it was sold. It shows a lawn with plants on either side and an outbuilding to the rear.

Although the house has retained a lot of charm and character, it will take more than a coat of paint to bring it back to life. Some of the stairs are missing and many of the fixtures have deteriorated over time.

The stairs

The garden

Belle Property Surry Hills sales agent Mark Foy told 9News : “This is a first for me. The internal structures are so precarious that every new owner has to start from scratch.

“It has to be reconstructed from scratch.”

Mark said the house would require a full gut and renovation, but the time capsule gives buyers an opportunity to transform a “blank canvas” into their dream home.

The house has not been sold since 1925 when it was bought for £ 1,300 – and today the value of the land on which it sits alone is estimated at around £ 560,000, as reported by

The location offers potential buyers an opportunity to make a substantial profit. A small terrace on the same street costs £ 1.3 million (US $ 2.5 million) and was left in good condition after renovation.

The project house is scheduled to be auctioned on February 20th.

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