House Democrats Just Gave Their Party a Fighting Chance in 2022

The November 2nd out-of-year elections were broadcast a wake up call to President Joe Biden and Democratic Party leaders in Congress after the party suffered setbacks in Virginia, New Jersey, and other states. The voters who gave the President and his party control of the White House and Congress in 2020 were tired of the bickering and wanted results.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives got the news. After months of procrastination on Capitol Hill, they decided to rule. Since November 2nd they have a $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill and a $ 1.9 trillion Welfare and Climate Justice Bill, at a rate more owed to the urgency of the Democrats in Congress when Franklin Delano Roosevelt launched a New Deal and Lyndon Johnson fought for a great society than her approach during recent Democratic administrations.

Of course, they should have done this – and more – months ago. If they had, the Democrats would have won in Virginia, won more in New Jersey, and avoided the pitfalls the party had gotten into across the country on November 2nd. But at least in the House of Representatives they have recognized that it is not too late to avoid the same pitfalls in next year’s mid-term elections.

That is the political reality that explains the roughly parallel votes.228-206 for the Act on Physical Infrastructure on November 5th, 220 to 213 for Friday’s Build Back Better plan – from House Democrats who have united and proven they can rule. You have supported a plan that is significantly smaller than what the progressives had hoped for under the leadership of the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), But is consistent in scope and character.

It contains:


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