House to vote on 30-day surface extension

The DOT’s power to collect gasoline taxes has not expired – the current power is valid until October 1, 2022.

The next step towards reconciliation: The Democrats in the House of Representatives on Friday briefly had the idea of ​​voting on a rule that the Infrastructure Act would have considered “adopted” after the Reconciliation Act was passed, but it was abandoned when it became clear that the votes were not there to get it quickly to move.

What’s next: The House of Representatives is expected to vote on Friday evening shortly.

The Senate has not planned any votes before Monday, but could clarify the bill on Friday by unanimous approval, although every Senator would have to sign in advance. No senators have yet announced that they would block approval. If not, the bill could be sent to the president’s desk in time for signature so that DOT staff can report to work on Monday.

The Senate has started the process of “hotline” the House of Representatives expansion, asking senators to indicate if they want to block the law. If not, it would pave the way for the measure to be released tonight.

The next two weeks are planned as committee working weeks in the House of Representatives, ie there will be no votes. however, the House could add legislative periods to the schedule to allow votes on the debt ceiling, among other things.

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