Household robot that puts the dirty in the dishwasher

Much smarter than robotic vacuums and designed to perform many tasks, Samsung’s new home robots look fantastic. These robots, which are not very aesthetically pleasing in design, manage to influence their capabilities. Home robot Samsung Bot Hardy can not only clean the house but also refresh your glass.

Next generation home robot Samsung Bot Hardy

Samsung has introduced several robot models. Bot Handy, one of them, stands out for its abilities. The device that puts the dirt in the dishwasher can also do other jobs if necessary. Robots, one of CES’s indispensable technologies, began to emerge. CES 2021 saw the remarkable move of Samsung’s home robot.

Samsung introduced its robot with a short promotional video during its virtual event and brought different accents. First of all, Samsung introduced three new robots. These robots can collect messy items around the house. In addition, they can perform assignments as personal assistants. Currently, only one of the robots will be for sale in the US. This robot with security camera functions as a vacuum cleaner.

Samsung focuses on developing home technologies and has designed advanced home robots for the year 2020, when people spend more time at home. Providing artificial intelligence to Samsung robots allows them to act independently.

Making a name for itself with its investments on the IoT side, the South Korea-based company emphasizes the interaction of devices at this point. To highlight the future of voice command technology thanks to microphones added to the devices so as not to be stuck to the phone screens, Samsung designed Bot Handy for this purpose.

This robot can pick up objects that are higher than the ground, for example by lying on a plank. It knows how much clamping force is set according to the type of these products. The robot, which reportedly executes the commands given quite easily because it is equipped with artificial intelligence, has cameras of various sizes and functions. This robot, which has a different design, is currently under development.

Other robots announced besides Bot Handy:

JetBot 90 AI Plus: This new vacuum cleaner with LiDAR and 3D sensors has been developed to provide the best cleaning solution.

Samsung Bot Care: This device, also known as robot assistant, is designed to help you with your daily work at home and to remind you of your daily exercises and appointments.

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