Householder's fury at blunder by 'cowboy electrician'

A homeowner in Groby, Leicester, was left with a dangerously placed electrical outlet after a “cowboy” electrician visited his house and did some work

Leicestershire Live The victim reportedly went to a local Facebook page to complain about their seedy spark and asked another electrician, preferably from Coalville, to come over and fix the problem.

On Spotted Groby, the person wrote, “I had a cowboy with me. Is there anyone from Coalville who can sort this out, please?”

They also uploaded a photo of an outside socket on one of the outside walls of their home.

Where the plug is located is the biggest cause for concern. It’s located under the outdoor faucet, which makes the electrical outlet incredibly dangerous to use.

The post proved amusing for the site’s followers, with one user writing, “I can’t believe it. Shocking! A silver faucet would have been better? It would have been better with the electric box.”

Another said: “This is totally shocking – how dangerous!”

Other users have also posted GIFs of people who were electrocuted on TV shows and movies, just to illustrate how dangerous the electrician’s mess could be.

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