Houseplants make adults feel happier and more productive, research finds

According to one study, adults feel more productive and happier when surrounded by indoor plants.

A study of 2,000 adults found that the perfect work environment should include a selection of plants (40 percent), as well as bright colors (32 percent) and decorative stationery (27 percent).

More than half say they feel more productive outdoors, and 60 percent feel happier in general.

While more than two-thirds claim that plants have a positive impact on their mental health.

According to expert James Wong, the environment around plants improves people’s mood and well-being, as the lush green of indoor plants can reduce stress and pain, and improve self-esteem.

James also believes that focusing on and caring for a living being is also a mindfulness exercise that can further relieve feelings of tension and anxiety.

The investigation was commissioned by the website The joy of the plantsto open the indoor plant hideout at BOXPARK in Shoreditch.

Ethnobotanist, presenter and garden designer James Wong said, “As a botanist, I am intrigued by the growing scientific evidence that supports what this new consumer research is highlighting – that proximity to plants can measurably improve both mental and physical health.

“The effects of indoor plants seem to work on several interrelated levels and the best thing is that the only side effect of this therapy is a beautiful home.”

The study also found that more than half of respondents believe that being green in their work environment is important to them.

This is because nature is calming (62 percent) and there is something to take care of that brings a sense of satisfaction (44 percent).

Almost three quarters of adults currently have an average of five houseplants in their home – because they are calming (45 percent), they bring color into the home (44 percent) and improve the indoor air quality (39 percent).

Another 36 percent simply said that plants give them pleasure, while 34 percent find them therapeutic and 25 percent find that the presence of plants reduces their stress.

People have even tried to connect with nature by talking to their houseplants (23 percent) and playing music for them (20 percent).

But 45 percent of those surveyed on OnePoll would like to have more plants than they currently do, and 38 percent wish they could have them around them all the time.

A spokesperson for The Joy Of Plants said, “The research statistics prove what we often thought – having plants in the house is good for mood and productivity.

“It’s no secret that being outdoors and surrounded by nature often helps improve mental health and reduce stress.

“Especially with the work that many of us have been doing from home for the past year and a half, people obviously like to have a facility nearby, not just for productivity reasons, but also to raise their spirits.

“We created the Indoor Plant Hideout in Shoreditch to bring to life the myriad benefits of having more indoor plants around us.

“If you want to find out how plants can improve your home and your well-being, you can visit the hiding place between October 7th and 10th.”

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