How ‘Attack On Titan’ Became America’s Most-Watched Show Amid Criticism

In the final season, “Attack on Titan changes sides to reveal the big picture. One of the most successful anime series of the past decade has replaced its protagonists with brand new characters from the other side of the plot.


Even after painful delays between seasons and confusing shifts in production studios, we’ve finally gotten to the beginning of the end for Attack on Titan (which airs simultaneously on Hulu). But in its final season, how does the hugely successful anime follow a series of earth-shattering revelations about the setting and origins of the titular giant humanoid Titans? Pushing us to the other side of the argument makes it feel like we’re watching a totally different movie.

Attack on Titan has been asking the same question for three seasons: “Who is the enemy?” The Other Side of the Sea, the series ‘fourth season opener, reveals the series’ ultimate goal: the real villain is institutionalized bigotry, perpetuating a never-ending cycle of abuse and suffering.

It accomplishes this by plunging us into yet another war between the nation of Marley and the Eldian people, targeting an all-new cast of characters, mostly Indians, who serve as Marley Empire troops in a campaign to create a previously unseen fortress of the Middle Eastern Alliance. .

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After Season 3 of Attack on Titan, successfully answered the series’ pivotal question: that the swarms of Titans roaming beyond the city walls are in fact humans turned into man-eating monsters sent by the enemy nation of Marley to destroy the humans of Paradis. Island captive and scared. —The last season set the clock back to zero and moved into a whole new chapter that still relates to the series’ central question.

Attack on Titan

They went out of their way to live up to the brainwashing they had received from generations of anti-Eldian propaganda. With three episodes in, this season already does a great job of portraying the effects of institutionalized hatred by a nation that fears some of the population’s ability to turn into Titans, as well as nationalism-driven warfare using Eldian people. as tools to keep the rest of the planet in the grip of the Marley Empire.

It doesn’t matter that Gabi jumps in the line of fire to prove her worth as a Marley soldier; the military officers continue to use Eldian’s power on the front lines and happily send people to their deaths.


No matter how much has changed, this show is still just as thrilling, terrifying, action-packed and nuanced in its themes as it was when it first premiered. Attack on Titan has slowly upped the stakes and turned into a much darker show, and this latest season teases what is arguably the anime’s most exciting chapter to date.

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