How can Instagram hack you with a simple photo

How can Instagram hack you with a simple photo

The content shared on the different social networks is the most varied. It all depends on how the users themselves put it, although it is also important to understand the nature of the service. If we focus on Instagram, photos and videos prevail over all content, which is what some take advantage of to hack you with a simple photo by inserting malicious code.

So they can hack you through Instagram

In these times, it is very normal for a famous person to have a hacking problem. Some users have also suffered from this practice when a criminal has collected a large amount of data that does not belong to them for profit or to demonstrate what they are capable of. But others are much more subtle, interested not only in the numbers but what they can get from the victim’s terminal.

And this is what the latest Instagram hack came in that hijacked your phone directly. This was confirmed by the Check Point company, which said in its statement that “a single malicious image was enough to take over Instagram”. This vulnerability has been classified as critical and fixed by an image processing flaw of the application itself which in this case only affected Android terminal users.

The statement also states that a manipulated image file may contain code that violates the rights of the app. This triggers the app to give the culprit the rights that the program has on the mobile, in this case the camera and the microphone. In short, just opening an image allows you to access the functions of a terminal without the owner knowing.


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