How Cuomo’s Cozy Relationship With a Hospital Lobby Affected His Covid Response

Andrew Cuomo, once America’s favorite governor, is fight for his political life. At least six women accused him The FBI is investigating how its government has assessed the deaths in nursing homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But Cuomo’s popular pandemic – as a successful responder to a crisis that has recently been misled – is not entirely accurate. New York State has America’s second highest number of coronavirus deaths – nearly 50,000 people have died – and a death rate. And decisions made by Cuomo and his government a year ago fueled the carnage in the state.

There was Cuomos delayed shutdown sequence and downplaying the virus early. And recently, another decision has seen closer scrutiny: Cuomo’s policy of requiring nursing homes to accept Covid-19 patients, the full legal immunity granted to those facilities, hiding the death toll there, and long-standing search for poorer hospitals in all over the world condition.

Many of these decisions were driven by one of the most powerful and overlooked Advocacy groups in the state of the Greater New York Hospital Association. It represents more than 200 hospitals across New York, including the richest private hospital networks, and has an unusually close relationship with Cuomo, law making, state government and government Decide how billions in health funding is issued.

As the Cuomo scandals mount, it is worth remembering the pressure groups and lobbies who would prefer the governor to stay in power. GNYHA’s impact on the Cuomo administration is “hard to exaggerate,” according to Bill Hammond, a New York health policy expert with the right-wing Empire Center.

“They have more access than most people in the entire government,” added Senator Alessandra Biaggi, a Bronx Democrat who clashed with Cuomo. “You have essentially been given carte blanche for our legislative process.”

GNYHA’s clout begins with money. There are years when it does smuggled more than $ 1 million alone in Cuomo’s campaign box. An in-house lobbyist, David Rich, donated more than $ 900,000 to various politicians, one of whom was Cuomo, over a period of five years.


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