How do I apply for a teacher training bursary or scholarship? Payments for new talent for in-demand subjects

Government ministers have confirmed tax-free cash scholarships for graduates wishing to teach in high-demand subjects.

The money allocated for the 2022/23 academic year has been set at £ 129 million and covers a range of topics.

If you want to help young people reach their full potential and are interested in creating opportunities for all students, this could be a good career path for you.

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If you want to teach biology, you can get a £ 10,000 scholarship. If you’d like to study geography, languages, or design and technology, a £ 15,000 scholarship is available.

Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science have grants of £ 24,000 or £ 26,000 grants on offer. But how do I apply as a teacher and get the scholarship or scholarship? Here’s what we know

How do I apply for a teaching scholarship?

Applications for teacher training are possible from today, October 12th, interested parties can do so via the government website .

If you want to teach at primary level, you must already have a bachelor’s degree, grade 4 (or C) and above in English and Maths GCSE, and grade 4 (or C) in science.

You can apply for postgraduate teacher training through the government’s website, teaching at a government-sponsored elementary or secondary school or continuing education.

On the application form, you can state your interest in the procedure and indicate any scholarships or grants. The payment you receive is tax free.

The government also wants teachers and school leaders to earn National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), which are free qualifications that those who earn them learn to manage behavior, develop peers, and be a great school leader. They are intended by the Department of Education and for teachers in government-funded schools and students ages 16-19.

The government has allocated £ 184 million to the NPQs service, part of the £ 3 billion ministers pledged under an education re-establishment program.

School Secretary Robin Walker said, “Great teachers can change the lives of young people, and I want this country to recruit and retain the most talented and dedicated teachers to help students develop and reach their potential.

“Quality in classroom teaching is the most important factor in helping our young people recover from the effects of the pandemic. look after and raise our children over the years. “


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