How do I receive a Cold Weather Payment and what are the conditions for me to get my money?

The mercury has dropped in the last few nights after an unusually warm start to the new year with temperatures well above average.

That means we’ll likely have to keep the windows closed and turn on the heat to make sure our homes are warm and beautiful.

With energy bills rising this year, you may have looked around to see what programs are in place to alleviate the rising costs.

Perhaps you have already come across the winter fuel allowance or the warm home discount. Or maybe you looked at the cold weather payment. You may be wondering how do I get a cold weather payment and what are the conditions for the money to be released? This is what we know.

How do I get a cold weather payment and under what conditions do I get my money?

Cold Weather Payments is a cash amount given to certain beneficiaries to cover heating bills for their home during the winter months.

In order for the payment to be released, you must have Universal Loan, Mortgage Assistance, Pension Credit, Income Allowance, Income-Based Unemployment Benefit, or Income-Based Employment and Support Allowance, and the mercury must drop to freezing point or below for seven days in a row, such as from a local weather station in Determined your area.

Earn £ 25 for every period that this happens. This applies as long as the cold weather prevails between the beginning of November 2021 and the end of March 2022.

You should receive the money automatically and it will be transferred to the bank or building society account where you will receive your other social benefits.

You can check if a payment is due by using the Office for Employment and Pensions online Weather check tool .

If you are not eligible for a cold weather payment but still need help heating your home during the winter months, there are other programs and financial aid available.

The Winter Fuel Allowance is such a system, as is the Warm Home Discount. The newly created Household Support Fund, which is money destined for families in need after the coronavirus pandemic is over, is another pot of available cash.


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