How long does a Vuse take to charge?

Want to know more about the vuse battery life and charging? You’re at the right place. Here’s detailed info including everything you need to know about the charging of vuse.

As you know, vuse alto is an electronic cigarette or vape, popularly known as beginner vape or pod vapes. It usually comes with an average battery capacity of 350 mAh. The battery life may not be way too good, but it usually lasts the entire day. This vuse alto comes with a feature designed to indicate low battery.

You usually get a green LED light at the center of its battery, which flashes around ten times when the battery gets low and immediate charging is required.

So let’s take a look at some solved queries that you may have regarding the charging duration and lasting of this device:

How long does a vuse take to charge?

It normally takes 70-80 minutes for the battery to get fully charged. But the time is taken, pretty much depends on how much battery is left at that moment. You can charge it by plugging the USB into a computer and putting the bottom of the vuse alto inside of the magnetic charge port on the charger cord.

Make sure that you handle this vuse charger with extreme care, as it is not that easily available in the market. It comes with certain specifications which alter from device to device. If it gets damaged, no need to get panicked, you can always purchase a new one from vuse. But it’s definitely going to charge you money and unnecessary bearings.

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How long does vuse battery last?

Are you planning to take this vape out with you and wondering about many puffs you’ll be able to take before it gets discharged?

If the vuse is fully charged then probably it will last for 3 hours. And on average, you’ll be able to take around 250 puffs. Now that sounds nice if you are planning to take this out and return back within the given time span. However, not being a future teller, you cannot tell if you are stuck in traffic or any such situation. So, better for you will be to take its charger along with it, to avoid the urgent requirements.

That’s it. It doesn’t require much to charge the vuse. Plus once charge you can use it for as long as 3 hours which is not a bad deal at all. We can soon have better models launched, with less fuss, quicker charging time, and even better power retention.

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