How much does it cost to neuter a dog?

There’s no denying that our four legged friends are adorable, but that doesn’t mean we want family from them unless you plan on breeding.

To avoid unexpected surprises, many pet owners have their dogs neutered. Not only does this prevent your dog from reproducing, but it is also good for their health and can protect them from disease.

But if you’ve never thought about it before, you probably have a lot of questions.

What is castration? At what age should it be done? How much does it cost?

Here is everything you need to know about neutering to keep your pet safe from disease and avoid unwanted litters.

What is castration?

Castration refers to a surgical procedure that prevents your pet from reproducing.

In male dogs, this is known as castration, which involves removing the testicles. In bitches, this is known as castration. This involves removing the ovaries and uterus so that they cannot become pregnant.

The procedure is performed for both of them under general anesthesia. Although they may experience pain and discomfort, after a few hours they will be back on their feet with some pain relief.

There are many benefits to having your dog neutered, both medical and behavioral. It can prevent certain types of cancer and reduce the risk of others. It can also have a positive effect on their behavior, especially in male dogs.

After neutering, you may notice a change in your behavior, such as: B. a reduction in assembly and struggle. Neutered dogs may also require a little less food.

What is the best age to neuter a dog?

You may think it’s best to have your dog neutered from a young age, but this may not always be the case. In fact, it can entirely depend on the size and breed of your dog so it is best to consult your veterinarian.

Males can be castrated from the age of six months. However, in some dogs, especially larger dogs, it is recommended that you wait because treatment too early can cause problems. Your veterinarian can advise you individually based on the breed of your dog.

It’s a little more complicated with women. Some vets suggest the procedure before their first season, others advise waiting until after.

You can also have your dog spayed later in life, even if he has had puppies.

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How much does it cost?

Vet bills often aren’t cheap, but getting your dog neutered is pretty reasonable. If your dog has a litter of puppies that all need to be fed and brought home, there is a small price to pay.

Prices vary but you can expect to pay between £ 130 and £ 365 for spays and between £ 110 and £ 300 for neutering.

You will find that neutering costs more than neutering. This is due to the complexity of neutering a bitch, which involves surgery on internal organs. For larger dogs, this can also cost more as more anesthetic is required.

There are some cases when castration is free. This is usually offered by various animal welfare organizations to those receiving benefits.

Alternative treatment options are tablets and injections. While this is cheaper upfront, it persists and will cost you more in the long run.


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