How much does Sky Glass cost? New streaming TV coming this month

Sky has introduced Glass, a new streaming TV with integrated Sky services and other apps that does not require a satellite dish or box.

The media company said the new system, which only requires connection to a WiFi network and has a single power cord, will “change the role of the television in the home.”

It will hit the UK on October 18th, with Glass available in three screen sizes – 43 “, 55” and 65 “- and a choice of five colors with a new remote control, with Sky offering similar monthly payment plans to those which are used for cell phones to pay for the television.

How much does Sky Glass cost?

The media giant said Glass will start at £ 13 a month for the 43-inch TV, which also requires the Sky Ultimate TV package – which starts at £ 26, which means a full Sky Glass package at 39 GBP per month starts.

The 55-inch model costs £ 17 a month while the 65-inch version costs £ 21.

Can Sky Glass be mounted on the wall?

The television made of matt aluminum can be mounted on the wall or set up with its matching bracket. The sets are optionally available in blue, white, green, pink or black.

Where can I buy Skyglas?

You will be able to purchase Sky Glass from October 18th Here.

According to Sky, the system will make it easier to find and watch TV shows by integrating hardware, software and content.

The TV will be equipped with a 4K Ultra HD display and Dolby Atmos 360 surround sound.

It is also voice activated so users can say “Hello, Sky” to turn on the TV and request specific channels or programs with voice commands.

According to Sky, the new homepage on the device will bring together content from Sky as well as catch-up and streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Disney +, while a new playlist feature allows users to create a list of their favorite content across all channels, Apps and live TV in one place.


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