How much your council tax bill will go up by this year

Many major councils across the country will impose a five percent tax hike this year.

Taxpayers across the UK will face an increase in council tax from April 2021, mainly due to the burden of the pandemic.

Of the 147 English councils that offer social care that were analyzed, 93 planned an increase of a maximum of 4.99 percent at the time of our study the mirror reported exclusively.

According to the research by the Spiegel, another six planned an increase between 4.90 and 4.98 percent – a total of 99 who planned an increase of practically 5%.

Essex, Lincolnshire, Bury, West Berkshire and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole planned increases of less than 2 percent.

According to the study, no council planned an increase less than the 0.7% inflation rate.

The councils say they have no choice but to introduce a hike above inflation to fill central government funding gaps.

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The Local Government Association said 85 percent of this year’s 4.5 percent increase in city hall’s “core spending power” was due to tax increases by the local council.

A spokesman said: “This leaves councils with the difficult decision of whether to increase the bills to provide much-needed funds to protect the services at a time when we are aware of the significant strain placed on some households could.

“Council tax hikes – especially the adult welfare requirement – have never been the solution to the long-term pressures that councils are facing, particularly on welfare, which is in dire need of reform.”


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