How Profiteers Hijacked the CDC’s Covid Response

This story is about mass death, religious zealots, and the worst case government malpractice to facilitate what has been viewed as a business opportunity in United States history. Therefore I will choose the biblical opening:

In the beginning there was the state.
And the ideologues said, “Let it be smashed.”
And so it was smashed.

6th March. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Early days on the shit show.

AMerikane are just beginning to die. Infected cruise ships have been stranded at sea around the world. Nobody in Trump’s administration has decided what to do – or whether they have to do anything.

Nobody in this great building of American public health that is the CDC – the gold standard for the whole world, journalists will write again and again – is still wearing a mask.

The President of the United States of America is the host, clad in the casual costume he wears for events slightly more important than golfing but less serious than his official duties – including the rush of foreign guides and the excitement of the rabble at rallies . He has his White House bomber jacket (retailed for $ 122 in the White House gift shop at the time of this writing, presidential seal over his left chest) over his stomach. White shirt. Red MAGA hat, brim stretched straight over the white circles of the raccoon around his eyes.

A man named Dr. Steve Monroe, colorless and trembling, stands by. He’s the guy who managed to explain to the media what the hell is going on with the weird, slow rollout of the CDC’s Covid tests.

Nobody knows yet how bad it will be. But it is impossible to see Footage of the scene now without a creepy shiver. The room behind the men is lab white and decked out with black wires that dangle over desktop computers. Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler – fresh from allegations of making an inside trade on the pandemic briefing she received before the market collapsed – and Governor Brian Kemp are also there, taking a photo op with the big one Guy.

There was a little problem with the tests, Dr. Monroe Avers without addressing the elephant in the room. The big discrepancies between Donald Trump, who said, “Anyone who wants a test can get a test,” and his Health and Welfare (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar claims, “Four million tests [would be] available until the end of next week, ”said Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s star virus hunter, just told Congress: The CDC only performed 3,000 tests.


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