How to avoid the ‘super cold’ that's sweeping the nation

Britain is currently in the freezing grip of what has been called “the worst cold ever”.

Those affected may have difficulty finding out whether they have the “super cold”, the flu or Covid-19 this season.

Not only is it difficult to identify differences between them, but it is almost impossible to see.

This is mainly due to symptoms that have changed over time. Persistent cough, fever, and loss of taste were three main symptoms of Covid-19 when it first appeared in March 2020.

Over a year and a half later, those symptoms have mutated even closer to those of a cold – and the only real way to find out if you have Covid-19 is by getting a coronavirus test.

What is the reason for what some call “the world’s worst cold ever”?

Lockdowns meant fewer people were mixed. As the country opened up, relaxed its Covid security restrictions, and masks became optional, it led to a surge in temporarily halted viruses.

That morning, Dr. Philippa Kaye said this, “Last year we were all home and we were very good with our limitations and social distancing. That meant the viruses that were circulating couldn’t get everywhere.

“Now that we’ve opened up – universities, schools, hospitals, and nightclubs are back – they can spread from person to person. It could be that some people, for example children, who haven’t had much contact in the past will get last year’s as well as this year’s. “

Is it really the “worst cold in the world”?

Dr. Philippa wondered why cold sufferers might call it “the worst cold in the world”. She said, “When you think about the last time you caught a cold, it’s been a while. So we don’t remember how miserable they make us feel. Second, it’s not the virus that makes you sick, but your body’s immune system.

“The natural defense system does these things to try to kill the virus. The temperature is not the virus. The temperature is your body trying to kill them.

“We just have to really take care of ourselves and be sure that most people will take a few days and get better.

“The absolute best anyone can do this winter is if you haven’t had your Covid vaccine, please have it. If you are eligible for the flu vaccine, get it too. “

Regarding people’s mood and public perception of colds, Dr. Philippa added: “We have been afraid for over 18 months. The stress and fear in the population have really increased. We have been taught to fear coughs and colds, and I think that is why so many people worry. Covid was much more serious than this cold will be and it is really important that we stick to the guidelines. “

The flu vaccine was extended this year to people over 50, pregnant women, the chronically ill and up to 11th grade in schools.

A healthy lifestyle and good diet can help the body stay in optimal shape to avoid colds.

Online trainer and former 80kg bodybuilding champion John Clarke said, “Eating healthy and exercising means my clients are less likely to get cold sores because I’m not getting enough nutrients.”

Here are some tips to help you avoid the “super cold” this season

  • Maintain good hand hygiene and wash your hands regularly
  • Make sure your house is well ventilated
  • Get enough sleep and be well rested
  • Eat healthy and eat well by limiting processed foods like granola, sausage rolls, pies, pies, and chips
  • Stay in good general health by staying hydrated and having vitamin C. are supplied
  • Exercise regularly and enjoy a walk outdoors for some fresh air

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