How to Call from Laptop – in 2 different and easy ways

How to call from laptop

There are various methods to Call from Laptop. The main one is VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that support making calls between PCs and phones (both landline and cellular).

One of the most well known and longest established services is Skype.

How to Call from Laptop

The laptop has to have an Internet connection, and have the appropriate App installed. The mobile phone may also have the same App installed although it might be a different version of the App, depending on what operating system is involved. If the phone has the appropriate App and also has an Internet connection, then calls are normally free.

If the phone does not have an Internet connection or is a landline phone, then there is normally a charge per call or a subscription to cover the cost of the call and the gateway between the Internet and phone’s service.

For calls between devices using an App, the target device for a call is normally identified by a user name or email address.

For the laptop to make and receive calls to a phone that is not using the Internet, the laptop has to be assigned a regular type of phone number so that it can be recognised and accessed from a non-Internet based phone service.

The VOIP services over the Internet also work for computer to computer and not just between a computer to a phone.

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Method 2: How to call from Laptop using Hangouts

If you mean phone calls, yeah, you can do something like that using Hangouts

call from laptop using Hangouts

If you have a Google account just go to your Gmail and somewhere on the left side is a little phone icon,

press camcorder icon
Locate the phone icon/ Something that looks like a camcorder, press on it and select the person from your mail account you would like to call.

You can checkout Google Hangouts from here

you can call anyone for free. Besides phone calls, you can do Skype calls or whatever-else calls on an innumerable number of other calling apps out there.


It is possible to make calls to your friends and relatives using VOIP services using your laptop and not phone. Services like this are helping the world stay connected in times like this.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask them in the comments below.


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