How to cut energy bills in lockdown or when working from home

How to cut energy bills in lockdown or when working from home

With many Britons having their last day in the office this month, some will be concerned about what spending more time at home could mean in terms of their energy use.

Even during the early summer lockdown – which coincided with multiple bouts of hot weather – households were consuming more energy than usual, which could be explained by people who cooked and ate more meals at home, as well as many who kept laptops and televisions around Environment used clock.

With forecasters predicting an “arctic frost” to hit the nation this winter, heating at home is another key factor that will increase energy use this time around.

Joanna Flowers, a British Gas Service and Repair Engineer, shared a number of tips to help people be more energy efficient.

Joanna said, “I am proud to be part of a team that works across the country keeping people’s homes warm and safe. As customers return to their homes, our work is vital.” There are some really simple things you can do around the house to get the most out of the energy you are consuming. “

  1. Turn off the light. We are all guilty of keeping the house lights on. However, leaving them on for a long time will only add to your energy bills. Try to get used to turning off all lights except those in the room you are actually in.
  2. Make the most of upholstered furniture: Hanging Curtains and carpets on hard floors are some of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your home warm this winter. Thick material (the thicker the better) prevents heat from being lost through windows and doors. Don’t forget to open the curtains during the day to allow the sun to do some of the work!
  3. Maximize the heat: Think about where your heat sources are. Placing your sofa in front of a radiator may add extra toast to the best place in the house, but it will absorb heat that could heat the rest of the room.
  4. Maximize efficiency in the kitchen. Most of us cook more than usual, which increases energy consumption. However, there are a few simple things you can do about it, such as: For example, turning off the oven ten minutes before your meal is ready (the cooking continues) and maximizing oven time by cooking multiple meals at the same time.
  5. Block the breeze: If your windows and doors don’t seal properly, there are many ways to keep cold and warm air out. Adding draft excluders – available at most hardware stores – is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce your energy bills and drafts -secure your home. Mailbox brushes, fireplace balloons, and even keyhole covers can make a real difference too.

Data from more than a million British Gas Smart Meter customers showed the extent to which Brits’ daily routines changed during the initial lockdown – from earlier dinner (around 6 p.m.) to later waking up (around 9 a.m.) The data also suggests that more people are staying up late to watch TV or play video games, with higher electricity consumption between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.

Anyone struggling with their energy bills should reach out to their supplier for help. Over 90,000 of British Gas’ most vulnerable customers have had help since the lockdown began, received over £ 6.9 million for pre-loaded prepayment meter cards, and over 50,000 customers struggling with their payment plans have been deferred or added to Help supported. British Gas has also donated an additional £ 750,000 to its independent charity, the British Gas Energy Trust, which can offer advice, assistance and grants to people struggling to pay their bills.

UK gas engineers have visited more than 4 million homes since the pandemic began without a single case of Covid-19 received from a customer or vice versa, showing that safety procedures are working. The team is ready to assist with emergencies and important visits to vulnerable people, as well as other problems at home that people cannot resolve themselves.

More information and troubleshooting tips for home visits:



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