How To Download Free Vectors And Images Using Freepik

For free: Many Internet content producers are regularly looking for images and vectors to add to their projects. While many platforms are paid and require a subscription, others offer thousands of completely free templates, such as: freepik.

This image bank, founded in 2012, gives its users access to a large part of its collection without paying anything and requires only a short registration. TecMundo has prepared step by step how to use it so that you can make your work even more authentic.

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1. Make your registration

The first step to download images and vectors for free on Freepik is to register on the platform. Once you have visited the site, search for “Sign In” and click on the icon – it is located in the top right corner of your screen.

On the next page, enter the requested information and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to complete the registration. If you prefer, you can also log into the platform with your Google or Facebook account.

2. Find the desired material

After registration, it’s time to explore and get to know the content Freepik has to offer. On the home page, type the term you’re looking for in the search bar. If you prefer, you can still use filters during your search to narrow down your results even further by selecting them under “Sources”.

When the images or vectors about the theme you want appear on your screen, scroll through them until you find the best option for your work.

3. Download the template to your device

After you find the image you want, click on it. A new page will open where you can download the template or save it for access at another time. Click “download” and then choose “free download” to download the file to your device.

Your image and/or vector will then be downloaded automatically so that it can be edited and added to your work. Another important point is that it refers to the media used. Remember to always assign the rights to the image to freepik.

The site also offers a paid subscription for its users. In it, subscribers can choose between monthly or annual payments, giving them access to exclusive content and additional features. Values ​​range between R$46.64 and R$62.20.

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