How to download movies on Disney + to watch offline

With just over 1 week since the launch of Disney + in Brazil, the streaming platform has already become one of the darlings of series and movie fans, having collected all the catalogs from Disney classics to more current productions, in addition to exclusive content.

From The Mandalorian and Hannah Montana to an exclusive documentary by singer Taylor Swift, there’s no question that Disney + has the perfect content for you. In terms of streaming convenience, Disney also left something to be desired. As with competitors, it is possible to download content to watch offline and without spending the data network.

Download movies and series on Disney +

Access your account with login and password.
Use the search bar to find the movie you want to watch.
Click on the second icon next to the “Watch” button (the down arrow) and the download will start automatically.
Once the download is complete, the title will be available in the “Downloads” section, located in the third icon on the main command bar, as shown in the following figure.
In addition to downloading films, it is also possible to download series for entire seasons. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Search for the series in the search bar.
  • Select the chosen season.
  • Click the download icon next to the word “Season”. If you only want to download a few episodes, click the arrow next to the chapter.
  • Downloading movies and series on Disney + is very easy and certainly an incredible option for those who don’t always have internet access.

Remember that it is possible to change download options. In “Application Settings” you can choose to download only when connected to a Wi-Fi network or select via mobile internet data and internal storage or on an external chip. On the same screen you can delete all downloads at once. That way you save time and better manage device storage.

Movies and series can be downloaded on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. Until now, the option is not available for computers and other devices, such as PlayStation.

Read more about Disney +

The streaming platform brings together content from Disney, Pixar, the Marvel Universe, Star Wars and National Geographic. Hundreds of family titles are available, including action and adventure films, comedies, musicals, documentaries and much more.

The monthly subscription to the platform costs R $ 27.90, and it is possible to opt for the annual subscription of R $ 227.90, which can be paid in installments to your credit card. The online debit and boleto options are only available for monthly payment.

With Disney + you can watch streaming on up to four screens and you can create profiles within the same account; therefore you get indications of personalized content to your taste. Finally, it is possible to create child profiles to better control what children view on their devices.

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