How to Fight White Supremacy by Inverting Stephen Miller’s Playbook

Former Trump White House senior advisor Stephen Miller has played an important role in spreading white supremacy over the past five years. promote virulent racist literature organizing anti-immigrants round tables, handcraft Trump’s most xenophobic speeches and strangling legal routes into the United States for non-whites.

He continues his white nationalist campaign through frequent guest appearances on Fox News, the dangerous deception of Anti-white racism. And through his nonprofit, America First Legal, he is attack the small steps taken by the Biden government to build a humane immigration system and a more just society, including Efforts Diversify schools. President Joe Biden was reluctantly to reverse many of Trump’s white nationalist immigration policies while Republicans attack him in hysterical language, Miller helped normalize, referring to Biden as “open borders“President responsible for an imaginary”Third World Invasion. ”

Biden’s team needs to understand that the radicalized Republican Party will use immigration to attack him no matter what he does. “Conclusion: the less Biden talks about the border, the more the GOP has to do,” said Miller tweeted on April 29th. The only way to neutralize this weapon of immigration and shed light on the threat posed by the nativist war against the browns and blacks is not to act on the southwest border or to step up (the Obama administration revealed this) futility of this strategy), but to radically reshape the national conversation about immigration by inverting Miller’s playbook that I. document in my biography Mad Hatter: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda.

Opponents of white supremacy, xenophobia and racism must remove control of the immigration debate from the agitators or immigration reform invoice If Congress is doomed, the Democrats will lose the midterm elections and white extremism will continue to spread, further jeopardizing people’s lives and democracy. What follows is a guide on how Biden’s team, lawmakers, journalists, and other public figures can co-opt Miller’s strategies for combating the spread of hate.


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