How to find out the permissions of apps in the App Store

User privacy is something Apple has taken very seriously. The company has been working for years to ensure that both its software and the applications it makes available to users are completely secure. It seems to have worked, especially after developing a secure login feature. But in subsequent versions of iOS 14, you will have the option to see what permissions the apps in the App Store are requesting.

What data do apps want from the App Store?

For the past two years, the various developers have been obliged to tell users what data they obtain from your terminal. The position, access to the phone’s storage data, the purchase or financial data are some of them and you as a user need to know where each of the data you generate in an app is destined for and that it is asking you for to function.

Until now, it has been virtually unknown to users, who only downloaded the applications to use them. But Apple has gotten into the issue seriously and will tell you what permissions each app in the App Store is requesting. For this you need to install iOS 14 on your terminal, an essential prerequisite to activate this feature.

Later the feature will only arrive because every time you enter the App Store, you will have all the data the software collects about you once you give it permission. As we said, you just need to open the desired application and read carefully all the instructions indicated by the application.

It may not be available yet

It may not appear at this point as they warn on Apple page that this feature will be coming soon. Quoting information from the operating system’s official website, “Privacy information in the App Store will be available later this year via an update to iOS 14.”

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