How to know if a mobile has increased in price these Sales

Vendors and shops on promotional days, such as Black Friday or Sales, advertise huge discounts, often over 50 or 80%. Amid the myriad of specials and discounts, it’s easy to get disoriented and also think you have to buy something because the discount is huge.

But is it real? Is that product so discounted, or is the internet or the physical store perhaps trying to mislead us?

A good discount? Or an outright scam?

It should be noted that discounts are often calculated in comparison to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (RRP). For this reason, consumer rights defense associations have criticized the use of the PVPR as a reference price, as the actual sales prices in the market are already lower. Actual discounts are reduced very quickly using the current market price.

The evolution of prices

To spot real bargains, it is helpful to consult tools such as the price history of the product that interests you. This allows you to see how the price of each product has changed in the last year and based on the fluctuations and the current trend, you can see when it is the best time to buy. And especially if it’s worth it.

The Idéalo comparator app has a price history, and if you search for, say, a Nintendo Switch console, an iPhone 12 or an LG TV, you can see the evolution of the price and where it is cheaper.

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