How to make A Kindle Amazon Show A Book Cover On The Lock Screen

Amazon: There are basic, really basic features in certain devices, social networks and/or operating systems that we don’t understand why they aren’t integrated yet – Hi Twitter, please activate the editing in sent tweets. In case of Amazon’s Kindle, the e-book reader born 14 years ago, there’s one that Amazon struggled to implement, but finally succeeded.

Show book cover on Kindle lock screen

In fact, something as simple as displaying the cover of the book you’re reading on the Kindle lock screen is something users have been asking for for over a decade, and it’s one of the reasons many users have jailbroken their Kindle. .

Several Kindle models, such as the Paperwhite, Oasis, and the basic Kindle, can now display eBook covers on the lock screen when the eReader is idle. Any Kindle with firmware 5.13.5 can display book covers on its e-reader.

What covers will it show? According to the Good e-Reader site’s resources, it lists the e-book currently being read. It works with content purchased from Amazon, but also side-loaded e-books.

Kindle Amazon Firmware 5.13.5

You can check if the feature is enabled on your Kindle by going to the settings menu and clicking on the device options. There should be a new field that says “show cover”, make sure it’s checked. If you’re on version 5.13.5 and still don’t see the option, try restarting your Kindle. It should appear after the restart sequence is complete.

Do ebook covers work with people who have the Kindle Special Offers Edition? This is a program where you can buy a new e-reader and save money, and where: Amazon displays ads on the home and lock screens. It remains to be seen whether the gables on the idle screen will work on these models or whether you’ll have to pay the $20 to remove the special offers.

Apparently, Amazon slowly pushes cover update in international markets; At the time of publication, people in India, Mexico and other countries have found that it works. It’s only a matter of time before the feature is available in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or Europe.

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