How to Make Baked by Melissa’s Salads on TikTok | Videos

You probably know Baked by Melissa for its colorful bite-sized cupcakes, but if you’re on TikTok, you’ll also recognize the name as the woman behind those viral sliced ​​salads. From her famous green goddess salad – that even Lizzo couldn’t resist trying it – for her popular vegan caesar, Melissa Ben-Ishay’s recipes have gained over millions of views on the platform.

Now there’s certainly no shortage of salad recipes on TikTok, but not the cupcake founder’s creations only salads. Ben-Ishay, who started sharing her (mostly vegan) salad recipes last summer, chops up every crunchy ingredient, encourages her viewers to use whatever is on hand, and most importantly, scoops up her “salads” with tortilla chips or other stuff them in a wrap, almost like you would dip.

The baker’s comment section is full of people thanking the creator for really changing the way people view food and salads. They come for the delicious recipes and stay for the enchanting chop ASMR. While we patiently wait for Ben-Ishay’s salad recipes to hit the market Baked by Melissa blogcheck out some of our favorites on TikTok.

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