How to make Undertale Fullscreen? [Easy Way!]

Undertale is an independent, 2D role-playing video game released in 2015 by an American indie game developer- Toby Fox. The entire credit for creating this video game goes to Toby fox, except for the artwork and character designs.

This Undertale gameplay got inspiration from several other different sources such as Mario and Luigi, Mother role-playing game series, Brandish, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, and Mr. Bean – the famous British comedy show.

In actuality, the game was made for 2 hours and planned to be released in mid-2014. However, due to certain complexities, it finally got published for windows in 2015.

Millions of video game lovers loved this game for its intuitive story, characters, dialogues, and easy combat system. Apart from winning the hearts of video game enthusiasts, the game was also nominated for many awards and accolades. It got the status of ‘cult video game’ by numerous publications.  

However, even though the game is truly attractive, there’s no in-game option available to make it fullscreen on the computer (yeah, it might sound strange, but it’s a fact). So, whenever you turn on your PC to play Undertale using Steam, you might feel lost thinking about how to play the game full-screen.  

So, is there any way to play the game full-screen?

There is not only one option but four options available to play Undertale full-screen on your computer, and that too is quite simple.

This post will share the secrets of making Undertale full-screen on a computer using certain keyboard shortcuts. But before that, let’s discuss the plot of this beautiful video game.


The plot of Undertale:

The player playing the game of Undertale is in control of a child who falls into the underground and reaches a secluded area that is separated from the earth’s surface with the help of a magical barrier.

After that, the player meets with Flowey, a sensitive flower who guides him on how to play the game and raise ‘LV’ (love) while gaining EXP (experience) by fighting with and killing underground monsters.

Later, Flowey tries to kill the player for their pleasure before a kind-hearted monster named Toriel stops Flowey from killing the player. After that, Toriel teaches the player about solving puzzles and surviving inside the challenging environment of the underground without killing anybody.

Gradually, Toriel also reveals her intention about adopting the player and keeping him with her for a lifetime to save the player from the monster king of the underground Asgore. This is when the player is involved in a fight with Toriel to set himself free and eventually comes out of control of Toriel.

After that, the player travels the underground to reach the magic barrier situated in the castle of Asgore. During this time, the player learns that the monster king Asgore needs seven human souls to free all the monsters and break the barrier.

Throughout the entire game, the player meets with several different types of monsters – some are violent, and some are not. Some of the monsters whom the player encounters during his stay inside the underground are Sans, Papyrus, Alphys, Mettaton, etc.

The game’s closure depends on how tactfully the player plays the game and proceeds to the next level.

If the player doesn’t kill any monsters or kills some of them while handling others peacefully, he reaches the castle of Asgore. There he learns that not only human souls are needed, but a monster soul is also required to break the barrier, which forces the player to fight with Asgore.

There is also another ending called ‘no mercy’ or’ genocide’ which ensures that the player kills all monsters. Thus, the video game Undertale comes with multiple endings, increasing the game’s attraction.

Ways to make Undertale fullscreen: 

If you want to play Undertale fullscreen on your Windows computer, you can opt for anyone among the four options revealed below.

Press the F4 button:

For Windows 10 and 11, users can find the F4 or the Function key button on the top row of your keyboard. Using the F4 button on your keyboard, you can maximize any program running on your screen. So, to play Undertale fullscreen on your device, just press the F4 button, and voila!! – your game is fullscreen.

Pressing the Fn and F4 keys: 

If you want to make a Method to make Undertale fullscreen on Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can either follow the above method or this one.

Apart from the above option, another option is available to make Undertale full-screen. Only pressing the F4 button in certain modern computers does not let you go full-screen.

So, in that case, first press the Fn key (located in the bottom row of your keyboard), and then press the F4 key to play Undertale full-screen.

Pressing Alt and Enter keys together:

The third simple way to go full-screen in Undertale is to press the Alt and Enter keys together simultaneously. When you press the Alt and Enter key together, it works as a function to run your program in full-screen, and you can also apply the same for Undertale.

Pressing Command and F4 buttons together (for MAC users):

undertale full screen mac
for MAC users

However, If you are using MacBook Pro or Macbook Air to play the Undertale, you can press the green full-screen button.

Unlike Windows users, If you are using MAC OS, you will not find the Alt key on your keyboard.

Hence, to play Undertale full-screen in MAC, you must press Command and F4 keys together.

Besides, there are some other useful settings in the controls for you:

  • Z/Enter = Confirm
  • X/SHIFT = Cancel
  • C/CTRL = Menu
  • ESC = Quit

That was it for ways to make undertale go fullscreen. You can further watch this video to get easy to follow instructions:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the full-screen problem in Undertale a bug or software glitch?

A bug or software glitch is an issue that impacts your playing experience. Since this full-screen problem of Undertale doesn’t affect your gaming experience, it is not a bug or glitch. Instead, you can think of it as a lack of functionality.

For how much time should I keep pressing the Function buttons?

To play Undertale full-screen, you need to press the F4 key only once. Alternatively, you can first press and hold the Fn key and then press the F4 key to go full-screen.


By following one of the methods mentioned above, you can quickly go full-screen and play your favorite game Undertale without any discomfort. I hope the information in this post about playing Undertale full-screen will make your gaming experience a memorable one. Adios, happy gaming.

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