How To Open An Apple Music Link On Spotify

Apple Music: For many users, there is only one music application on their device. You might even be surprised to know that there are still people who only have the music they upload from their own computer, so they only use the terminal’s multimedia player. But we’re going to focus on the most modern ones, especially the ones with an iPhone, because we’re going to teach them all how to use a Apple Music link on Spotify.

Open an Apple Music link on Spotify

Online music applications are the most downloaded by smartphone users. They’re essentially easy to spice up the trip to work or a long trip in your car, but especially in the latter case, we recommend that you create your playlists before you start the march, otherwise you could run into problems along the way. get (something we don’t want to happen to you).

But let’s put ourselves in the most positive place, and that’s when you’re quietly at home or at a time when you don’t have to do anything and someone asks you a question. Apple Music link on your iPhone. If you are not a user of the platform, it may be difficult for you to open it in it, but if you want to open it in Spotify, we will tell you how to do it.

The first thing to know is that your iPhone does not have a native way to do this conversion. For this reason, you have to go to the App Store and go to the section of an application called MusicMatch. This one will be the bridge between the bitten apple app and the great internet library. We tell you the process step by step:

Go to the App Store
Download MusicMatch
Go to the messaging app and copy the link they sent you
Go back to MusicMatch and paste it
It will automatically tell you to open it in Spotify
Click and you will enter the app to listen to it

If you’re wondering if the opposite works, you’re in luck, because if you happen to receive the Spotify link, you can follow the same steps to open the link in Apple music. As if that weren’t enough, the app includes an extension for Safari in case you want to use it with songs you listen to on the web and want to transfer them to your favorite music application.

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