How to Recharge a Puff Bar?

Puff bars are extraordinary vape devices that produce rapid smoke eruptions. Puff bars are disposable devices that cannot be recharged or refilled. But don’t worry, below are some tricks you can use for some extra shots before disposing them.

How to recharge a Puff Bar:

Dismantle the puff bar and detach the circuit board. Take out the battery, you will see two wires, that is what you require. Now take out an old USB cable and utilize it as your new charger.

How to Recharge a Puff Bar? 1
Steps on how to recharge a Puff Bar:

Here are the steps to recharge the disposable vape device:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have a working USB cable. In addition, you also have to cut the wires so that you can use the puff bar as a temporary charger. Cut the button part of the USB cable once you have it. You can also use the portion that connects to your mobile phone.
  2. Use pliers to remove the black and red rubber parts about an inch apart. Once the copper from the wire has been exposed enough, it can be used. You are now ready to and black wire
  3. As you pull the lid towards you, grab the puff bar and pull it from the bottom. Please be gentle when doing this; if any of the wires becomes faulty, you will end up wasting the puff without being able to recharge it. If you think it is impossible to remove it from your hand, then you can use a plier to help you. Remember not to remove the parts completely. You should only remove them enough to pop the head and charge it.How to Recharge a Puff Bar? 2
  4. You will notice a battery attached to the puff bar once you remove the head section carefully. Also, in the battery, the wires that you can see are the same as the red ones. We have the same black cable we used for our USB. So, your puff bar can be charged through it. Moreover, since the USB cable does not have a lot of power, the battery won’t overcharge.remove the head section
  5. Now you have seen both the Red and Black wires on the USB cable and the battery. It’s now time for you. Of course, It’s now easier than ever to charge the puff bar. The easy part now is to connect the same colored wires and start charging the battery. However, there are no indicator lights to help you guide if the device is charging or not. So, you will have to trust your instincts.
  6. Once the wires are connected according to the colors, hold them in the exact same position. connect the similar wires
    You can also use tape to hold the wires but ensure that you are doing it properly. Do this for 10 minutes or so. That should be enough to charge your battery fully. During the process make sure that you are not using a high voltage charger like a laptop charger. A standard mobile phone charger should do the trick. And make sure you are far away from the charging. If you need to note the charge, you can do so immediately.
  7. If the smoke evoked is not dense then again charge it for 5 to 7 minutes
  8. The vape will only allow you to make approx 100 puffs before being dead, even if the device still consists of the e-juice. In this case this is not terms or conditions, because the battery may still function even if you do not have the e-juice left. 

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Notes/Points to keep:

Make sure your device is disposable because in certain cases the devices are structured in a way that they can be recharged.

The next thing is to be extra careful while dismantling the device because it should be put back to the same place it belonged. The device is created to make the use safer. If it’s mishandled then you have to face the consequences.

A power bank should only be used for charging, it shouldn’t be connected directly to the socket. That may evoke the danger of being electrocuted or cause a short circuit. 

Disposable things are not meant to be recharged or refilled. So if you’re going against the nature of the product, then you must apply extra caution and also be careful while handling the titanium battery. Save your fingers from being tainted with the e-juice. Put on gloves while working with the circuit.

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Can you recharge a puff bar? 

First, you should have a clear-cut idea about vape devices whether they are disposable or rechargeable. For the rechargeable ones, you can easily recharge them. But for the disposable ones you cannot do that. 

Nevertheless, vape has put forward an idea that will make the disposable one rechargeable and help you get some extra shots out of it. Although helpful it is hazardous.

You can recharge it by dismantling the device and connecting the charging cables directly to the battery terminals. This can work but it is dangerous too. In the process of charging the battery, it can cause a short circuit. 

Another important thing is if you apply too much pressure to open the case, the wires inside may get detached and that may lead to an explosion. The correct wire placement is very essential in the whole process. 

How to refill Puff Bar? 

The puff bar can be refilled. At first pop off the topmost cover, then after separating it you will find a small, thin layer of cotton and silicone that is placed just below the cotton.

After the separation of both the cotton and silicon, you will find another layer of cotton. Now pour some drops of vape juice on either side of the cotton. The cotton should be submerged with vape juice. Finally, put the cotton and silicon back in their place. Now set the cover as it was. 

This is how you refill your vape device. 

How to charge disposable puff plus? 

As soon as the e-juice has finished, as per the guidelines you have to dispose of it. See every advantage has its consequences. So if you want the vape device to be recharged and use it again to save some money. Then yes there are ways.

But they are not at all reliable, they are unsafe and dangerous. You have to be extra sure and careful to administer such an act. One mistake can lead you to danger. You can follow the above-given methods if you still want to take risks. 

How to charge a Puff Bar XXL:

A disposable puff bar is not meant to be recharged. You have to throw it away after one use. If you go for the risk-taking stunts to still use the recharging methods, then go ahead at your own risk. 

How to make Puff Bar work again? 

To make the puff bar work again, first, check the cotton present beneath the black mouthpiece. You can use a tweezer to uncover it. A small piece of cotton with a circular tube can be seen. This situation happens due to the stuffing up of the cotton, which stops the proper airflow. By shifting the cotton, you let the airflow.

You should also keep in mind that you have left space open above the cylinder because the proper airflow inside the coil is also necessary. Now put the mouthpiece back at its place and take a puff. See if this trick has solved your issue. 

The whole game is about the correct flow of the air. If that’s solved then the whole issue is fixed. But in case it is still not working then the ultimate way out will be seeking the help of a professional. 

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