How To Remove Facebook Comments

facebook: Social networks are meant to communicate with users who are active in them. That’s what it’s all about in the end, with regard to all those users that you already know in real life or with whom you have occasionally met on the Internet and want to talk about anything you want. But if you want to forget everything that people have put in your publications, we will tell you how to remove it facebook remarks.

How To Delete Facebook Comments

One of the main features of facebook is the use of comments. These are the ones that help users know whether or not the world likes what they’ve posted. Whether they are good or bad depends only on the people, so you have to prepare for any kind of reaction. But if you don’t want to face this kind of situation, you can always turn off Facebook comments.

Obtaining it is very simple and everything is done by taking a look at the facebook institutions. Here you need to follow the next steps:

Enter facebook
Click on the arrow at the top right
Select settings
Go to public posts
Choose friends

This is the way to prevent someone outside your circle from commenting on a post you just made. So for anyone who wants to talk to you, they just need to be on your friends list or else they won’t see a space where they can even put a word.

You also have another important option that can eliminate many annoyances, such as notifications of your publications. Here you have the same friend rank options for everyone, meaning: facebook will only notify you when you have an opposing comment when close friends talk to you.

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