How To See The Posts You Have Liked On Instagram And Until The First Like

Instagram: You have instagram? If you have it, would you know how to answer how many publications you have given likes? How many likes have you given since you installed the social network? It’s basically impossible to quantify it like that cold, but did you know that there is a way to see this, to see the posts and all the content that you saw and gave it a little heart? Can be done.

See posts you’ve liked on Instagram

Among its many features, Instagram has a complete record of the posts you liked, and we tell you how to find it, since it is somewhat hidden:

open the Instagram app
On the home screen go to your profile, the icon in the lower right corner. Click on it to open it
On your profile screen, open Options by tapping on the three horizontal dashes icon in the top right corner.
Look for the third option, ‘Your Activity’, and enter it.
Now look again for the third option in the new list, ‘Interactions’
If you click on the ‘Like/Likes’ section, you will see all the publications with which you have interacted. And the same if you give comments or Stories
Scroll down, and you can even see the first Like you gave on Instagram.

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