How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding A Contact On iOS And Android Mobiles

whatsapp works through a phone number. It’s the one you use to register your account, and it’s the one you give someone when you trade so you can talk through the app. Ok, there are certain tricks to avoid giving out your number, like creating links or QR codes, but in general, we give the number and that’s it. Although, what if I have to talk to someone on whatsapp whose number I don’t have?

If you need to send a message to a person who is not a regular contact of yours, and/or you do not want to register it in your address book, we will tell you several ways, from a URL trick to installing some apps.


Android and iOS apps

You can also do all of this through apps if you find it more comfortable, both for Android and iPhone, and they take care of ‘automating’ this process, then going on to chat through the official whatsapp app:

WhatsDirect – Direct Message For WhatsApp

WhatsDirect is a utility for whatsapp directly without saving unknown numbers. Direct message supports mobile number entry as well as the ability to copy and paste from call logs to enter mobile number.

Download Direct Message For WhatsApp for Android

How does it work?

Enter a number or copy paste from the call logs to send the message to.
Hit the send button to open the official whatsapp app.
This will take you to the official whatsapp app and then a chat window is created with the given number.
The chat starts. Use all the features of whatsapp to send messages and multimedia files.

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