How To Stay Employable?

The job world is constantly changing. One minute, you can have all of the necessary skills to provide a living for yourself. The next minute, your skills are out-of-date and no longer useful. To ensure that you stay employable, you need to constantly analyze and update your skillset. Here’s a guide on how to stay employable.

Master theory

Practical skills are always in demand. The problem is, as automation becomes more and more popular, the demand for practically skilled workers will decline. Because of this, you should master the theory of your industry. This will give you the versatility to teach and be involved in management.

Find mentors

Mentors are essential if you want long-term employability. Mentors will help you to upskill throughout your work life, making you more valuable to any company. You don’t necessarily have to have an official mentor; it can be anyone that you think can help you learn.

Learn how to learn

Many people stop learning after they leave school. However, if you want to stay employable, you need to learn how to learn. This will help you to become adaptable in the workplace. You can easily pick up new skills and quickly become proficient in new technology. One of the most important steps is to identify how you actually take in information. For example, some people learn through watching videos, and others learn through trial and error.


If you find yourself suddenly unemployed, you need to have a wide network of people you can call upon. Your network is your key to staying employed. Make friends with your coworkers, customers, competitors (if possible), and anyone else that could provide you with employment when the time comes. Every contact could come in handy at some point.

Deepen your expertise

Becoming an expert in something takes time. But it’s something you should be doing throughout your career. Think of every workday as a chance to learn more about your industry. Also, take any opportunity to attend courses and upskill. The more you know, the more valuable you are to an employer. For example, if you work in IT, you should attend cloud computing courses and keep abreast of the latest tech.

Drive your own leadership development

To become truly indispensable, you need to become a leader. Sure, your industry will change, and your skillset might become less relevant. But none of that matters if you are a great manager. Take every opportunity to drive your own leadership development. Attend management courses, take charge in meetings, and apply for management positions.

Become a strategic thinker

Look at any successful business, and you will see a team of strategic thinkers pushing it forward. This soft skill involves using a rational thought process that focuses on critical factors and variables in the success of a business. Learn how to think strategically, and you will become an asset to any business. There are plenty of books and courses on strategic thinking that will teach you the basics. Then, you need to learn how to apply that in your own industry and position.

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