How to take photos to upload to Street View

You may have seen the Google Maps car wandering around your city. Yes, a car with a camera on the roof with a sticker from the application. This is used so that users who access the mapping app, either through the web version or through the smartphone, see a street as if they were there. This is known as Street View, but a vehicle does not always drive through a street or road and people need help to collect the lost information. That’s why we’ll show you how to take photos and upload them to Street View.

What do you need to take photos for Street View?

You may have ever wondered whether it is possible to participate to contribute photos to Street View. If you know a place where the car finally didn’t arrive, there is a way to document those places, all thanks to your help.

As it turns out, Google has enabled a new tool for anyone with an Android phone to be able to upload photos from a site and have Street View interpret them. And you only need that: an Android smartphone with the Street View app. Yes, this function has its own application and also its special features as you will see below.

How to upload your photos to Google Maps with Street View

As we said, Street View allows you to upload photos to complete the information that is then displayed on Google Maps. The cartography app will continue to work, but having extra information always helps users. In that case, you can be the one to provide this assistance with a dedicated Street View feature. It is located at the bottom of the interface, in a button that says “Create”.

Then you will see a function that allows you to take your shots. You can even connect a 360º camera to enhance your recordings. But the good thing is that the application only needs a camera, that of your smartphone, and thanks to the artificial intelligence and the augmented reality system will reconstruct the image so that it can be viewed from any device as it does with the images it is off got the car. Summarized:

Open the Street View app on Android or the Street View app on iOS

Tap Create (the camera icon with the “+” symbol)
At the bottom right, tap Camera
Take the photos you want
Tap Done at the bottom
The 360 ​​° photo is mounted and saved in the “Private” tab of the application. It will also be saved on your phone (unless you turn this option off).

It is true that this measure in itself is not new, as you could contribute your records to Google Maps for a long time. But for this you had to use a 360 degree camera. Now Google has simplified this process so that anyone with a compatible mobile phone can use it.

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