How To Transform The Cell Phone Into A Console?

comfort: The mobile gaming market is growing more and more and that is no longer a novelty. Technological improvements, such as larger screens and better processors, ensured that several successful titles could go straight into the pocket. And there are many people who use this facility.

According to the Game Brazil Survey, only 7.7% of gamers in the country did not use their mobile phones for this purpose in 2020, and 72% of Brazilians played something last year. Many of the games made for smartphones look even better when viewed on a larger screen, but screen sharing isn’t always easy.

Everyone has been through that climate of having to use different cables and adapters to connect the cell phone to the television; or even the use of dongles, which relies on good connectivity. Because she doesn’t always show up, the games can cause some delay, which hinders the gameplay.

Some companies, thinking of the full player experience, are looking for solutions to make mobile screen sharing the best possible, an experience without interruptions and without the need for so many cables.

For example, Motorola’s proposal is Ready For: a simple technology that turns any screen into an extension of a smartphone, with just one HDMI input. Simplicity is precisely in independence. See why.

What is ready for?

Requiring only a multimedia base (or dock) and an HDMI/USB-C cable, Ready For is more than just a content mirroring platform, as it offers an unprecedented user experience. Motorola’s novelty is designed to provide Moto G100 5G and Motorola edge+ 5G compatibility with most TVs on the market, including TVs that aren’t smart.

With Ready For you can run all the apps on your phone on larger screens, without the need for a smart TV screen. And thanks to HDMI/USB-C cable technology, you can charge your smartphone while enjoying Ready For functionality.

One of the features that stands out the most is customization. That’s because Motorola’s multimedia base has adjustable arms and a magnetic docking system, as well as a mobile connector. For example, your smartphone can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Ready For is already available on mobile phones, so just connect the HDMI/USB-C cable to your television and enjoy the full power of the platform in an instant. In addition, Ready For connects peripherals via Bluetooth, ie the controls, and turns the mobile phone into a real PC.

In short, with a single technology, you can enjoy your mobile gaming matches on screens much larger than the mobile screen without losing quality.

This platform, together with 5G, guarantees smooth operation, without cables and without delays. Benefits that give audiences unprecedented immersion, whether in games, movies, or even in terms of productivity.

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