How to use the new NHS Track and Trace coronavirus app

How to use the new NHS Track and Trace coronavirus app

With the coronavirus contact tracking app rolled out in England and Wales, here’s how to access it and how to use it:

1. Download the app

Users can download the NHS Covid-19 app from Apple’s App Store on iOS or Google’s Play Store for Android devices.

Look for “NHS Covid-19”.

2. Establishment

The users are first presented with details on how the app works and a privacy policy.

The app then asks you for permission to use Bluetooth for automatic contact tracking, as well as the ability to receive notifications in case someone you have been close to reports symptoms or returns a positive test.

Prompts will appear on the screen asking you to allow the app to access these features.

Next, you’ll need to provide the first part of your zip code that will indicate the risk level in your region.

3. Interface

The main screen will turn green to indicate that the app is active.

Above you can see the risk level in your area.

Below are a number of options to choose from, including checking in at the venue and reporting symptoms.

4. Features

– Check-in at the venue

This allows users to scan a QR code instead of manually providing the contact tracking details.

Elsewhere, users can tap About at the top of the main screen to see a list of the places they’ve checked in to. You can also delete all data here.

– Report symptoms

Here, people can tap the symptoms and indicate when they occurred.

You will then be advised to isolate and a countdown will begin based on the specified date.

A button below takes people to the government website where they can then book a test. The results are sent as usual by email or SMS, but also within the app.

After that, the green pulsation on the app’s home screen changes to red and shows how many days of isolation you have left.



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