Huawei Watch Fit Review! Here are the details

Most of the smartphone manufacturers also appear in the smart watch market. Many companies are expanding their ecosystems and strengthening customer loyalty with the watches they see as extensions of phones. Huawei, one of the top companies in the smartphone market, has expanded its smart watch portfolio in parallel with its rise. One of the newest members of this portfolio is Watch Fit, which stands somewhere between smart wristbands and watches. You can find details and comments about this device in our Huawei Watch Fit review article.

Huawei Watch Fit review: Design

Huawei Watch Fit looks like a “compressed Apple Watch” at first glance. With a thin and elegant design, the device also reminds us of classic rectangular dials. There is a single button on the right side of the watch’s polymer case. This key is used for things like waking up the screen, going to the menu and returning to the home screen.

10.7 mm. thick watch weighs 21 grams without the strap on the scale. Huawei Watch Fit, which does not feel heavy on the wrist, can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Even those who want to benefit from sleep tracking features while sleeping will not be disturbed while wearing the Watch Fit.

The sensors of the watch are located under the case. This matte plastic coated bottom surface cleans easily and does not cause trouble even if the user sweats. It should also be noted that the watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM pressure and 50 meters depth.

The strap of the Huawei Watch Fit can be removed and replaced by users. However, it is worth mentioning that this is a somewhat laborious operation. A small groove in the back is moved with a nail or a pointed object, and then the mechanism connecting the straps is removed. At this point, let’s underline that Huawei Watch Fit does not support third-party straps. It is essential to have an original strap for the mechanism to fit.

It can be said that the only design-related problem in the use of the Huawei Watch Fit is the sensor protrusion on the back. If the strap is tightened too much, this sensor feels like it is piercing the wearer’s skin. For this reason, the wrist area sweats a little too much while exercising. Apart from that, it would not be wrong to say that the Huawei Watch Fit does not cause any discomfort.

Huawei Watch Fit review: Display

The rectangular shaped slightly curved OLED screen of the Huawei Watch Fit is 1.64 inches. This screen has no problem presenting information as round screen phones do. But sometimes it seems a bit over-compressed. This can be felt more clearly on the heart rate and stress measurement screens.

Still, it doesn’t take much to get used to the screen. The main difference is that only on large-screen smartwatches the texts appear slightly larger. In addition, it should be noted that there is not much horizontal space left to show the graphics on the screen.

The screen of the smart watch has a resolution of 456 x 280 pixels. This screen offers a resolution of 326 ppi. More than 10 watch face designs are offered to users. Some of these can be customized according to their users’ preferences. Six different dials that support the Always On Display feature are also loaded. However, running the Always-On Display feature significantly affects the battery life of the watch. Users can download different watch faces to their devices from the control panel accessed via the Huawei Health application.

The curvature of the screen makes scrolling a little more challenging than other wearables with sharp edges. In addition, light refraction around the screen can be a nuisance at times. However, the bright colors and deep blacks of the screen make it easy to read the information seen on the screen. The information on the Huawei Watch Fit’s screen can be easily seen outdoors, too.

Huawei Watch Fit review: Hardware

At the heart of the Huawei Watch Fit is the DK3.5 + ST, a processor that Huawei has prepared for wearable products. The RAM capacity of the Watch Fit, which is not easy to consider as a full-fledged smartwatch, has not been disclosed. However, the watch has 4 GB of storage space for recording dials and data.

It can be easily said that the Huawei Watch Fit, positioned between the smart bracelet and the watch, worked fast enough during our tests. Huawei Watch Fit, which has no problem detecting commands, can be navigated through the menu without any hesitation. In addition, the Watch Fit’s GPS is also activated to keep accurate records during workouts, even when the phone is not with you.

Huawei Watch Fit review: Battery

Battery life is among the strong muscles of the Huawei Watch Fit. It can be said that Huawei’s promise of 10-day battery life is very close to reality. In a scenario where one or two exercises and continuous heart rate measurement are active, it is not necessary to charge the Watch Fit for 9 or 10 days.

However, when GPS is activated for exercise tracking, exercise frequency increases and Huawei Watch Fit is used during sleep, this time decreases. When the usage intensity increases, the battery capacity is enough to keep the Huawei Watch Fit on for 5 or 6 days. It can be easily said that this time is also higher than many smart watches.

The 180 mAh battery, which supplies the Huawei Watch Fit with the energy it needs, is filled with a two-pin magnetic charging cradle. Thanks to this accessory, the battery reaches 100 percent charge in about 1.5 hours.

Huawei Watch Fit review: Wellness and Exercise

One of the important selling points of Huawei Watch Fit is its wide and versatile exercise and wellness tracking features. With Watch Fit, users can record traditional exercises such as walking, running, cycling or swimming, as well as actions such as combat sports, belly dancing or ballet.

It is quite easy to start training recording on Huawei Watch Fit. When users touch the button on the right side of the clock, the menu of the watch appears. The smart watch starts recording after the appropriate exercise is found through the exercise option here.

It can be said that the accuracy level of the Huawei Watch Fit’s exercise recording is high. The smartwatch often manages to accurately measure the number of steps taken and the distance covered. However, it is worth noting that if you suddenly start running while walking, some deviations in the measurement may occur.

With the built-in GPS, it is possible to make maps for outdoor exercises such as walking or running. However, as there is no height measurement feature, the ups and downs of the tracks cannot be seen.

The first time it is used, it takes a few minutes to calibrate the GPS. However, usually in less than 1 minute, the GPS is activated and the outdoor exercise can be started. Users can see information such as distance covered, time and speed, heart rate while on the move.

Huawei Watch Fit has more than 90 exercise modes. In addition to these modes, there are also 12 special fitness courses per hour. These courses focus on subjects such as gaining energy, burning fat fast, and abdominal shaping.

Each of these courses includes a brief explanation and information on the benefits that can be obtained if done. Thanks to these exercises, a level of support close to the professional is provided for users who do not have time to go to the gym to stay in shape. Let’s also say that Huawei plans to increase the number of courses offered here.

With Huawei Watch Fit, it is possible to monitor the heart rate continuously. The device also displays the target heart rate during exercises and encourages users to stay within the ideal range. It can be said that the measurements of the heart rate sensor are close to the measurements made by the Apple Watch SE, but the values ​​are recorded a little higher.

With Huawei Watch Fit, it is possible to monitor sleep quality and blood oxygen level (SpO2). It is worth noting that the feature of measuring the oxygen level in the blood is not seen in devices sold at this price. SpO2 measurement, which is an increasingly common feature in smart watches, helps to get an idea of ​​the general condition of the body and to see some problems behind.

Huawei Watch Fit can measure SpO2 at regular intervals during the day and during exercises. In addition to SpO2 measurement, information such as training effect, recovery time, target heart rate range can be calculated with GPS and heart rate data. In short, it is possible to find almost everything needed in Watch Fit to make the exercises more efficient and effective.

The sleep tracking feature of Huawei Watch Fit works similarly to those seen on other devices. While users can only see their sleep time on the Watch Fit, a detailed analysis is achieved in the Huawei Health application. It is also worth noting that the watch can measure the stress level.

It is not possible to find the data and analytics that aspiring athletes need on Huawei Watch Fit. However, when evaluated in its own price category, it can be said that the support provided by Watch Fit for healthy living and exercises is sufficient.

Huawei Watch Fit review: software

Huawei Watch Fit runs on Huawei’s Lite OS operating system. The interface of Lite OS, which offers an experience familiar to those who have used Huawei wearable products before, can be navigated with the button or touch screen on the right side of the clock.

When dragging from top to bottom on the clock screen, users face a fast control panel. Through this panel, the screen can be set to not turn off for 5 minutes. Activation of Do Not Disturb mode and alarm setup can also be done here. Through this panel, users can send a signal to the phone with the Huawei Watch Fit and locate the phone. The gear icon at the bottom leads users to the main settings menu.

When dragging from bottom to top on the clock screen, notifications can be seen on the phone. In the main menu, the options are listed from top to bottom. Here, health and exercise oriented options are shown above. Tools such as Weather, Stopwatch, Timer, Flashlight are located at the bottom of the menu.

It is possible to quickly access some applications and see various data by swiping left or right on the home screen of the Huawei Watch Fit. Heart rate and stress measurement data, weather, music control, and general activity screen are features that are accessible this way.

In the Huawei Watch Fit, users can change the watch face by pressing the middle of the screen in the main screen view through the options that appear. It is also possible to customize the dials here. However, those who want to find and download more interfaces need to do this from the Huawei Health application.

Users can control the music on their phones via Watch Fit. Although the watch has 4 GB of storage space, it is not possible to transfer music to the device. Notifications to the smartphone are also seen on the Huawei Watch Fit. Which application notifications can be seen can be determined through the device controls in the Huawei Health application on the phone.

The installation of Huawei Watch Fit is also done through the Huawei Health application. When users receive the smart watch, they find and pair the Huawei Watch Fit via the Devices tab in the Huawei Health application.

Huawei Watch Fit review: conclusion

The wearable product market has been growing steadily in recent years. Both smart watches and smart wristbands are of great interest, especially by those who adopt a more sporty and active lifestyle. Huawei Watch Fit is positioned at a point between the smart watch and the wristband, appealing to potential customers in both groups.

At this point, it should be noted that the Huawei Watch Fit is not the most suitable choice for those looking for a full-fledged smartwatch. The device, which includes basic fitness and sports tracking features, also allows you to control music and see incoming notifications. However, features such as third-party app support or incoming call answering are not available on the Watch Fit. Those who want more measurement and analysis in their exercises should turn to other devices.

For those who do not want to strain their budget, Huawei Watch Fit is one of the most suitable options. Users get a watch with long battery life, built-in GPS, AMOLED display and extensive fitness tracking options.

With its thin and light design, Huawei Watch Fit is easy to wear throughout the day and while sleeping. Watch Fit, which does not prevent movements during sports, also creates satisfaction with its comfortable use.

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