Huge 20ft Anaconda stares down camera lens as divers come face-to-face with reptile

Intrepid divers have taken some amazing photos after getting close to the green anaconda, one of the longest snakes in the world, while swimming in the Amazonian region of Brazil

The 20 foot long anaconda looked straight into the camera lens (

Image: Diego Rodriguez / Magnus News)

Divers faced a 6-meter-long green anaconda that stared at the lens of a camera to get amazing pictures of the reptile in the Amazonian region of Brazil.

The heaviest and one of the longest snakes, the green anaconda kills prey by wrapping its body around it, rather than through poison.

But the adventurers Diego Rodriguez, 38, Juan Carlos Abascal, 35, and Jorge Hauser, 37, showed no fear when they calmly swam towards the female reptile on August 22nd.

They interacted with the anaconda in the Amazon, which swam just inches away from them, while taking snapshots of the amazing creature.

And as the photos show, the large female predator raised her head for a close-up in front of the lens of Jorge’s camera.

The three divers swam close to the giant anaconda, which is one of the longest snakes


Diego Rodriguez / Magnus News)

The heaviest snake, the anaconda kills prey by squeezing it


Jorge Hauser / Magnus News)

Diego captured the moment from behind, showing the gorgeous markings on the back of the 20-foot snake.

Anaconda females grow much larger than males, with extreme lengths of over nine meters.

The species is found in South America with its distinctive color of an olive green background overlaid with black spots along the body. The eyes are high on the head so that it can see over the water while swimming without exposing its body.

There have been reports of anacondas up to 12 meters in length, but they have not been verified and there is no clear evidence of this.

For Hauser, one of the intrepid trio, it was not the first time that he had come across an anaconda up close and had previously swum with the reptile.

The anaconda is native to South America and has a distinctive green color with black spots


Diego Rodriguez / Magnus News)

The anaconda has its eyes high up so it can see over the water


Diego Rodriguez / Magnus News)

The photographer, who founded the travel company Pelagic Fleet in Mexico, also swims regularly with great white sharks in the Formoso River.

On a previous counter with an anaconda, he said that despite the size of the reptile, he was not afraid.

He said, “The green anaconda I photographed, which is the largest species of anaconda in the world, was about six meters long. I wasn’t scared as I’m used to hanging around underwater with large predators.

“Actually, she was very shy and tried to avoid us most of the time, which was a bit of a disappointment.

“What I enjoy most of all is wildlife photography, the natural curiosity animals develop about you, and the interaction that comes with it – but it wasn’t easy to get this tall girl’s attention.

“I’ve been diving with sharks and other large predators for over 10 years.”


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