Huge volcano Mount Merapi erupts shooting out river of lava and gas clouds

Mount Merapi has erupted and a river of lava and gas clouds is flowing down its slopes.

Located in Yogyakarta near Magelang and Sleman districts on Java Island, the volcano is the most active in Indonesia.

In footage posted on Twitter, residents can be seen running across the street while gray and white smoke rises from the mountain in the background.

Hanik Humaida, director of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Reduction in Yogyakarta, said the volcano’s most recent lava flow was the largest since the Merapi hazard level improved in November 2020.

Locals have been warned to stay 3 miles from the crater.

According to the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC), the explosive activity reached Darwin, Australia when the volcanic ash cloud rose to an estimated 40,000 feet.

At this point it is unclear whether anyone was injured in Merapi’s recent eruption, but prayers have been received on social media for those living near the active volcano.

One user said, “Stay safe everyone. Prayers for the slopes of Merapi. May we all be safe.”

Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano, spits out lava and gas in Yogyakarta

People gather to watch Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano, which spews stones and gas in Yogyakarta

It comes after the volcano twice on Sunday and lasts about seven minutes. Residents are warned to stay outside a 3 km long exclusion zone.

Authorities have evacuated nearly 2,000 people who live on the mountain. Most have now reportedly returned.

Commercial planes have been warned to be careful when flying in the area.

The Merapi is the most active of dozen of Indonesian volcanoes. In its last major outbreak in 2010, 347 people were killed.

This was the strongest outbreak since 1930, killing around 1,300 people, while another explosion in 1994 killed around 60 people.


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