Hundreds of fines as police break up New Year parties across England

Hundreds of fines were imposed after police called off New Year’s Eve meetings across the country.

Fines of up to £ 10,000 were distributed among several people – and officials in one area were even pelted and threatened by night owls when they broke up a party.

The Metropolitan Police participated in calls to 58 unlicensed music venues and parties overnight in violation of Tier 4 rules across the capital.

A total of 217 people were fined, while five people were reported on a possible fine of £ 10,000 for organizing large gatherings of people.

Four people were arrested for violating Covid-19 regulations after gathering in central London.

Over in Essex, police fined more than £ 18,000 overnight as New Years Eve parties and unlicensed events broke up.

Party-goers were split up and equipment confiscated from a church in Thorndon Park after hundreds of people entered.

Essex police said the officers threw objects at them and were threatened.

A total of three people were arrested.

Elsewhere in Essex, officials later confiscated a generator at an unlicensed event in an abandoned warehouse in Brentwood, separating around 100 people.

Two people were later arrested.

Also in Essex, a woman was fined £ 10,000 for organizing a house party of around 100 people on Bury Road in Sewardstonebury near Epping Forest.

More than 25 fixed criminal charges were also issued.

Police in Brighton and Hove fined 66 overnight but thanked the “vast majority” of people for staying at home.

The fines were among 81 fixed indictments issued by Sussex Police between 6 p.m. Thursday and 3 a.m. Friday.

The fines imposed by the police ranged from gatherings of groups in the open air to private parties and people traveling to the county from outside the area.

In breach of the restrictions, several fines have been imposed on groups that gathered on Brighton Beach despite there being no major event on the coast, police said.

Five fines were imposed on a group that stopped in a car from London claiming they were in Brighton to pick up a snack.

In the north, a New Year’s party organizer faces a £ 10,000 fine after police abandoned an event.

The party took place on a country estate in Hyndburn outside of Blackburn.

When the police arrived in the early hours of Friday morning, they found around 80 young people at the celebration.

Lancashire Police officers sent her home.

The organizer received a £ 10,000 fine on site for breaking assembly rules.

Lancashire Police Department Deputy Chief Terry Woods described the party as a “shocker”.

He tweeted, “Home to a very different NYE. Well done @LancsPolice & @NWAmbulance for dealing with a steady stream of incidents after midnight.

“Some shockers tonight, e.g. The rural property in Hyndburn with about 80 young people there @LancsPolice has stopped it and the promoter has reported a £ 10,000 fine. “

Mr Woods reported an increasing demand for police assistance on New Year’s Eve in Lancashire, including officials called in for assault, house party fights, domestic violence incidents, violent alcohol drivers and high risk searches for missing persons.

He added: “Welcome to 2021 !!”

The New Years Eve party followed another event on Christmas Day in Hyndburn, where 100 people gathered for a party under a motorway bridge in Huncoat.

The event was filmed and shared on social media.

Police tracked the DJ and fined him £ 200.

Like much of the UK, Lancashire is currently under Tier 4 restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Social gatherings are prohibited.


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