Hundreds of mourners pictured attending a funeral in England

Hundreds of people were photographed at a funeral in violation of English lockdown rules.

A Gloucester man, who wishes to remain anonymous, took the picture while visiting his grandfather’s grave in Gloucester Crematorium.

In England, 30 people are allowed to attend a funeral under coronavirus regulations. Gloucestershire Live Reports.

The man said the scene on Friday, February 12, was “shocking to say the least,” and he feared attending would “endanger others”.

Gloucester Crematorium is operated by Gloucester City Council, which encourages anyone who uses the site to “respect the current lockdown rules”.

The man, who saw the huge turnout at the funeral, said, “It makes me angry because it’s one rule for one and another rule for the other. It gets me down, it feels like that Rules for some are different.

“In London my cousin’s father died and they said there were guards at the council gates. After the 30 people on their list entered, they closed the gates. I think that’s a fair way.

“Why is this person different?” he added. “It should be the same rule for everyone and not a choice. When my grandmother died we only had 27 people. I’m angry about it.

“You follow the rules for a reason to keep the numbers safe.”

However, the council said there was “regular” communication with the police to “ensure the public was complying with legal requirements”.

A council spokeswoman said: “Saying goodbye to a loved one is an incredibly difficult time for all families, especially at this challenging time.

“Our mourners are working very hard in these circumstances and are in constant communication with funeral directors and families to ensure they are aware of national guidelines and the requirements of Covid 19 restrictions.

“Inside the chapel, all ceremonies adhere to guidelines, including facilitating social distancing and free online broadcasting of services.

“The Coney Hill site remains open to the public so that the bereaved can pay their respects to those who are buried or monuments on the site.

“We ask anyone who uses the site to abide by the current blocking rules and guidelines and to stay safe, and we try to ensure compliance is ensured in a manner that is sensitive and respectful of the solemnity of the occasion.

“No more than 30 members of the public should attend a service and we urge people to respect this and show their loved ones in a way that is Covid-safe.

“The council works regularly with the police to ensure that the public on the Coney Hill property complies with legal requirements regarding social distancing.”

A police spokesman in Gloucestershire said: “Our condolences go out to anyone who has suffered a loss in these difficult times and we would advise people of the current rules on burials.

“Every incident is different, but with any breach of Covid legislation, we would try to use our four-es approach of obliging, explaining and encouraging people to abide by the law before considering enforcement if necessary or if the violation was obvious. “


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