Hungary's government orders disclaimers on books with gay content

BUDAPEST – The Hungarian government, which has made hostility towards LGBTQ people a central part of its right-wing agenda, ordered a publisher Tuesday to print disclaimers identifying books that contain “behavior that is inconsistent with traditional ones.” Gender roles is compatible “.

The government said the measure was necessary to protect consumers from being misled after Labrisz, a lesbian group, published a fairy tale anthology entitled “Wonderland Is For Everyone,” which included some gay-themed stories.

The book, which the authors say is intended to teach children to respect people of different backgrounds, contains a story about a deer who is granted a desire to become a money and a poem about a prince marrying another prince.

Other stories show minorities in a positive light, including Roma and disabled people. The character Snow White, renamed Leaf Brown, has dark skin.

“The book is being sold as a fairy tale, named and appropriately named on the cover, but it hides the fact that it depicts behavior that is inconsistent with traditional gender roles,” the Budapest government office said in a statement.

The order requires Labrisz to create disclaimers for all of its books containing such content, including “Wonderland Is For Everyone”.

Labrisz and an allied gay rights group called Hatter said they were suing the government over the disclaimer lawsuit, which they called discriminatory and unconstitutional.

As in nearby Poland, Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban has embraced increasingly hostile rhetoric and politics towards LGBTQ groups over the past year.

Last year, Hungary banned the recognition of transgender identities in official documents and amended the constitution to state that in a family, “the father is a man and the mother is a woman”.

Orban’s homophobic policies suffered a setback in December when a senior European Parliament legislator from his Fidesz party was caught in violation of pandemic restrictions and in possession of drugs while fleeing a gay orgy in Brussels.

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